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Promotional Products & Personalized Gifts
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Customer Loyalty
Over the past 5 years we have started building a clientele about 8 hours away from our office. After many discussions with our corporate office, we are not approved to open a 2nd office in this location. So now my financial advisor travels there once a month to see her clients. To thank them for trusting us, we order Myron's pocket calendars every year..."
Promote Business
We have a little "Mom & Pop" photography and photo restoration business. I recently had a medical procedure done at a local outpatient center. While being prepped for my procedure, I passed out some of the little flashlight pens with our advertising on them to all the medical staff in the center. As they were wheeling me off, all the center..."
Employee Recognition
Everyone at one time or another has done something to contribute to their teams' success! We realize the importance of just saying "Great Job" we appreciate you or "Your contribution does not go unnoticed"! We choose items from Myron that are unique that will awe our associates with a catchy phrase to tie the item & Safety together to show how..."
Quality Service
I have been working with Myron for my Mortgage Company advertising paraphernalia for over 7 years now. There professionalism and service has been outstanding. Even when time frames were not met, they always threw in incentives which brought my average price well below other competitors in the market. Anytime a new product comes out, I can be sure to..."

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