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Promotional Products & Personalized Gifts
Every small business owner knows that one loyal customer is worth their weight in advertising gold. After all, referrals only come from satisfied people. Thanking and rewarding the people who do business with you in unexpected ways is a sure solution to keeping your business running and growing year after year.


Learn how to create loyal customers from business owners JUST LIKE YOU!
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Customer Appreciation Day
Gloria B.
When I opened my agency in November 2008 I had all the anticipation of being successful. I had a lot of hurdles to jump over including getting the Series 6 & 63. When I was successful in receiving those licenses, I wanted to reward my customers with a customer appreciation day. I had food all day long and had 2011 calendars on hand to give away. My customers were so impressed with the calendars. They told me how much they felt appreciated by me, the agency owner. I was impressed with the service that I received at Myron. Whatever they told they would do, they did. Excellent customer service.  
Johnny G.
I have been in the Insurance business for over 15 years. As I started this business, it was about helping people and an upfront Commission. I was doing great on the front end but was not receiving referrals or long term business. It seemed every year I was working harder, with the same results. Maggie Maes was the name of the restaurant I was sitting in, at the bar having lunch when I noticed a gentleman sitting there enjoying a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon. He was wearing a golf shirt and shorts, and we had begun to talk so I had asked him if he was a golf pro. He replied, "No, I am in the insurance business". I was a little amazed and a little envious being it was Friday early afternoon and he was done working for the week. Of course we had a lot to talk about but there were a couple things that he told me 13 years ago. First, he had said that he hand wrote personal thank you letters to every client, which seemed time consuming, but very efficient. He had also said that he sent little gifts with each thank you letter, which seemed a little expensive to me. Later that evening at my house I had thought about what Jerry had went over with me, and realized that he was spending a little time and a little money to build a carrier based around longevity and referrals. Monday morning after a long week of thinking I called Jerry and had asked him how much of his business was referrals and returning clients. He had told me 80% of his business was in fact based on these two factors. I then realized what I needed to do. I hand write every thank you letter and send every client a personalized pocket calendar which I receive through Myron, and now have my own agency with thousands of clients and over twenty agents, whom I reward from time to time with Personalized Pens with their initials, from Myron as well. Myron had has been a big part of helping our clients understand how much we care and appreciate there wellbeing.  
Ann C.
I use Myron products as prizes to reward my piano students for accomplished goals. They enjoy finding a variety of prizes to choose from, in the "prize box". The pens and pencils (always good for school or work) are popular, not only with the students, but their parents. Parents encourage the students to earn extra pens, because they say they're one of the best pens they've used. They like the weight balance and rubberized grip of the Bettina pen. It's a quality and affordable instrument. Adults, as well as kids like gadgets. The Rechargeable Mini Crank Lite is a hit. I just found a new item in the catalog that I will be ordering...the Nail Clipper Key Ring with Mini Pen. No excuse for nails clicking on the piano keys!  
They are more than Customers, they are my Clients!
Darryl H. Sr
I love what I do, and I love making sure my clients are always number one. Having over 200 clients, I personally go to see them all each year, so they get to conduct business in the comfort of their own home or office. Their time is important to me, and I try to make sure they do very little during any hectic tax season. I have been rewarding my clients for over the last 5 years with extraordinary gifts (one of a kind, in some instances) from Myron Corporation and have received many compliments.  
Practical, and there to help my clients
Greg Le D.
In the past, I gave out pens, to separate myself from my competition. I wanted to hand my clients something different and far more useful. I came across the Myron multi-tool, with blade, screwdriver, scissor, file and more. It is nice to look at and offers a wide array of tools. Male and even female customers love it. It made a really big hit with MTV camera crews, since we supply them camera gear equipment. Also, I offer a lifetime guarantee, if they lose it, it breaks, or is taken away at the airport, I tell just call and I will send them another one. This usually gets me another order as well. Thanks, Myron.  
The writing's on The Wall
Jay H.
When I started in the plumbing business, I worked for some not so nice guys, and then I worked for great bosses. There was something about Sam Wexler Plumbing, and Sam himself, that differentiated them from everyone else, and I learned what that was, and have applied it to my business practice. My customers can either make me or break me. I make sure that on every job I do, I take the time and care to make sure each and every customer is happy with the job I do, and with the way that I explain the job to them throughout the process, if they're interested. I love the interaction with my customers, and it gives me happiness to put my business on a personal level. One day at the completion of a job, I asked the customer for a pen that I'd forgotten and realized that supplying a quality writing utensil with my name and phone number on it was the perfect way to not only get them to remember me for the next job they needed, but also to give them a really nice pen with built in flashlight that they could incorporate into their daily lives. After seeing the handy flashlight feature and my embossed name, one customer even told me that she wasn't leaving that pen out of her sight when she went to work the next day. I told her to be sure to share the pen so that other potential customers can get a quality job by Jay Hyman One Source Plumbing, and get one of those pens for themselves. Myron Corporation sent me a catalogue with so many other nifty yet handy ideas, from tool pens to notepads, to coffee cups, to personal flash drives. Thousands of neat ideas. I was thrilled when my salesperson sent me samples, since it gave me many more great ideas and ways to show my customer's how important they are to me, how much I love them and appreciate their business, and what they mean to me and my family on a personal level. I intend to order many more items in the future since my customers really deserve it and they help make my business personal.  
It's Always Personal at HCX
Heather M.
We are a family owned hair salon. My daughter and I work very hard to set our salon apart form the others. We pay close attention to the details that let our clients know they are appreciated-- we constantly strive to exceed their expectations in everyway. We recently placed our first order with Myron. We love our new personalized pens, and so do our clients. Thanks for helping us come up with one more way to make our family business a little more amazing!  
Myron pens help our business grow
Jean-Marie S.
It was on that beautiful sunny morning, the type that makes you dream of a blessed day, that we received a special envelop in the mail. As I felt in it something long and hard, and began to tear it off, my wife asked: "What's that?" I said: "Wow! Look at this beautiful pen." She snatched it from my hand, "How come it has our business name?" She said, "I see...We can offer this to our customers. Look, it writes smoothly and well. Let's order it right now." She concluded as she threw the pen in her bag, and gave me the phone with excitement. "Call them please." We had started our business a year ago, and had only 15 customers the whole of last year. When our first order of 50 Myron pens arrived, we mailed one to each of the customers with a thank you note. They were so happy when they received the pens. They called to give thanks, and certainly they might have shown the pens to people. As a result, this year not only all 15 were repeat customers, but they referred others who referred others. Every client walked out with a blue and silver Myron pen, very happy. Our word of mouth advertisement became "thank you for the pen"-- spreading news, that generated over 65 new customers in three months. And guess what! It took us over a month to realize that the pen was a flash light as well. Our ten year old boy discovered it. Thank you for your great products. They have positive values.  
Maria T.
By using the Monthly Calendar books, i can give our clients appointments of where to go and what time to apply for a job. They all get a calendar book. They are not only beautiful, but useful, and are purchased from Myron, which I will continue to use. They have the best prices and products.  
What People Come to Expect
Andrew S.
I am a small home town business. Most of my clients come to me by word of mouth, but there are others in my area that do quality work at competitive prices. Every year, I give all of my clients a Bel Arte pen, and a pocket calendar with my company logo and contact information. I enjoy the smile on the face of my new clients, because they don't expect to receive such nice gifts. But, my favorite thing is the look on my repeat customers' faces when they come and ask if I have any more pens or calendars. I don't know how many times I've heard, "You have the best pens." or "I gotta have that calendar. It helps me all year long." Every business has to set themselves apart from the rest to succeed. So far so good.  

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