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Promotional Products & Personalized Gifts
Employee recognition is an important part of any successful business. By recognizing good work accomplished by an employee or group of employees it helps boost morale within a company and ultimately contributes to higher productivity and less turnover. Myron understands that rewarding the people who make your business a success calls for special personalized products that will make the recipient feel proud.


Read how some businesses have found additional success by rewarding employees in creative ways
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Find A Need, Find A Want, and Go Beyond Meeting It!
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Our staff are the lifeblood of our business-- both the office personnel, and our caregiving staff. We are live-in assistance services for the elderly, and do everything we can to provide a high quality of life for as long as possible in their own home. This can be very rewarding, but also very draining emotionally. Schedules can be long, and situations can be very stressful. For our staff, we think it is critical to recognize those who go above and beyond the call of duty in caring for our clients. As a reward for their efforts and their heart, we provide restaurant gift cards, gas cards, and other gifts on a regular basis. Our business has paid for repairs on caregiver's vehicles, given cash to employees facing health crises, and one of our office staff even financed the purchase of a vehicle for one of our caregivers! On several occasions, our office staff has run to pick up the children of our caregivers from daycare, school or other extracurricular activities because our caregiving staff were unable to pick them up as scheduled. Something else fun that we've done is to purchase gift cards and send a note home to the spouses of the ladies who work in our office. We recognize that these ladies put in a lot of time and effort, and sometimes that bleeds over into family time after hours. We just wanted to say a big thank you to these guys for their patience and support. This last year for Christmas, we decided we wanted to do something over the top for the office staff. They had spent tons of time and overtime in helping our business succeed, so as a surprise Christmas gift, all three ladies were rewarded with their very own iPad! They've been able to enjoy them with their families, and one employee uses it to keep in touch with her family out of state! Finally, we've just rewritten our work schedule for the summer to provide a special benefit for our office staff. We have arranged for them to work about 30 minutes extra each day, so that every third week they could enjoy having their entire Friday off! That may not be a big thing to some people, but they are excited, because it's going to allow them to take some well deserved 3 day weekends that they would have had to use vacation time for instead! We love our staff, and we want to continue to invest in them as they continue to help us care for seniors.  
How Myron Helps our Safety Program
Lona E.
I use items purchased from Myron as rewards to employees for operating safe, keeping their co-workers safe, and as an on-boarding gift with our company for new hires. Myron pens are usually the first item new employees receive with the company name. We add a safety slogan to remind them how much their safety means to us too. Also, every few months we conduct a safety check of Lockout PPE. A few of the names are then drawn out and given a pen, calendar or some other little gift as a reward. The calendars and pens are the most popular items. Both are extremely attractive, as well as useful to the business and the employee. Last April, I purchased the Chrome key chains for each employee with our logo written on the face as one of the Earth Day Celebration items. They were hugely popular and extremely attractive. I depend on getting quality items at a fair price from Myron with every item purchased.  
Staff Appreciation
Claire F.
I began working at East L.A. College Sheriff Station in August of 2011, a few months after the L.A. County Sheriff's Department took over Campus Police for all nine campuses of the Los Angeles Community College District. Working at this department has exposed me to the world of law enforcement. With a staff of about 40, our station is comprised of deputies, sergeants, security officers, and cadets. Different shifts offer different challenges. Our staff, especially cadets, are always vulnerable to public scrutiny. It is not always easy to wear the uniform and usually one bad comment can take a toll on everyone since we are all labeled as one. The public always want to see the negative and not always see or appreciate the positives. Working with this department for over 10 years, I've seen my share of bad, but also have witness the good in everyone. At the end of the year, we have made it a tradition to vote for Security Officer of the Year as well as Cadet of the Year. We have a perpetual plaque as you enter the station. Each winner receives a plaque and everyone gets small gift that recognizes our station and unit. This past year, a handsome flip-top pocket notebook from Myron was given to each staff in appreciation for all their hard work throughout the year. This notebook is perfect for writing notes while our officers and cadets are out in the field and gives the station additional exposure. Every business could use every bit of exposure. Our business happens to be about safety. Every time our officers and cadets take out their notebooks, it gives our students, staff, and faculty another visual reminder that the sheriff station is around and available to assist in any way.  
Recognizing loyal employees who grow with the company
Julia W.
I own a licensing firm and have a very creative, stylish staff. Typically in our industry, there is a very high turn over of talent. It is important that I recognize those loyal employees who grow with the company in a special way, when they reach their five-year anniversary. We began a tradition of honoring these staffers with an extremely personal piece of jewelry. For example, the women receive a gold charm bracelet with five charms, to signify the five years of service. Each charm is chosen by me and truly identifies what their role in the company has been. Charms including gold phones, airplanes, enameled globes, initials, pens, and symbols of the clients they work with, are all considered and then put on the bracelet that is presented to them. It has been a huge success! It is memorable, valuable, and most of all, they are proud to wear it. The men on staff earn a watch that reflects their personal style, and is engraved with a thoughtful phrase that symbolizes their position. Over the years, I have found that investing in these types of staff gifts for recognition improves loyalty, and general moral. Our employees can see that we have spent time really considering who they are and what they have accomplished for the company. It shows them how much management understands their role, and appreciates their efforts. It is well worth my time to make these key people feel valued. Not only does it make everyone feel great, but it sure costs less than searching for new talent, training them, and rebuilding client relationships with a new account person. Thanks for considering my story.  
Carolyn G.
Every day in the lives of our Volunteer Firemen- our heroes- is a special day, as they freely give their time in their community to help others in need, whether it be medical or fire. The gifts that we give to them on our appreciation dinner night is looked forward to every year, it's a small token of the department's appreciation to each and every one of them. The items and the quality that you promote in a wide variety is awesome, and we can always find something nice to give. Thank you.  
Rewarding hard work & dedication
Wantworth H.
We are a small church in a low income community, but more importantly, "with the community in our hearts." The congregation has a strong youth population, with some of our kids living in foster care. Our leadership is young and are called upon to give much of their time to work with these kids on Saturdays, to help shape their lives and prepare them for adulthood, devoid of the psychological "baggage" they often come to us with. As Pastor for this church, I thought it fit to provide these volunteers with a token that was both stylish and durable. The Adler Portfolio satisfied both, and our leaders/volunteers were elated at their gift, especially since Myron's Agents worked with me to make the personalization of this beautiful gift possible. Thank you Team Adler, thank you Myron.  
Prepared to Travel
Lorraine J.
When I have staff going to a conference, I prepare an Itinerary packet for them. This includes all travel details, a pocket for receipts, pens, and notepads, all enclosed in a travel portfolio so they are ready for the road. Makes their life easier, makes me happy to assist.  
Our Story = Our Employees
Brittany R.
How do we make our business personal? We remember that employees are the legs that our business stands upon. We know that their smiles, their happy attitudes, are what makes a customer feel important. As way of appreciation, we purchase personalized pins of achievement, so that our employees can proudly display their hard work efforts. Every Christmas, we provide personalized pens, date books, and wall calendars. We offer giveaways to top selling employees as our way of saying thank you. Gift cards are given to outstanding employees that go above and beyond. Simply, our employees are top priority. What is our story? It's the story our employees help us to write.  
When you want your name to look classy look no further than Myron
Joe L.
We have ordered a few items through Myron, and each time they seem to have higher quality products. We were looking for a special gift for our board and management staff, when we found the ostrich planner notepads. Not only were they willing to work with us on customizing individual pieces for them, but they also allowed us to order a standard greeting line as well. Needless to say, they were all impressed, Thank you all again.  
Creating Unity
I certainly can't take full credit for this wonderful change, but I can tell you what I saw, and how I took part in it. Our business had started to become a bunch of individuals mainly interested in their own departments, and the proof was in the bottom line. As a part of a team-building program, we purchased several types of branded items such as LED pens, bags, shirts, etc. for the employees to use, as well as to hand out to their customers and contacts. That step alone created an amazing unity and pride in the company that spread like wildfire. It's important to keep that sense of pride and unity in the company among the team that makes it all happen. Since that program, our profits have increased month after month!  

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