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Promotional Products & Personalized Gifts
Myron knows the promotional product business. We have been at it for more than 60 years and we are still bringing in new customers of our own. Selecting the best product for your particular business can be a daunting task; you don't want to spend your money on just any old thing with your name on it that is going to end up in the trash. You want the product to stand out in customers' minds so that your business stands out in their minds too.


Myron not only has the right products for you to promote your business, we've got great ideas for you too! Read how some of our satisfied customers have used our products in creative ways to GROW their businesses!
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Little Flash of Light Makes Big Difference
Dr. Thomas A.
Since last year, I've been giving your flashlight key rings (with my logo on them) to the parents and kids that I treat. One 8 year old boy has had terrible nightmares for several years. After getting the little flashlight (a blue one), he took it to bed with him every night. When he woke with a nightmare recently, he remembered the flashlight and turned it on. He said it made him smile that he could instantly see into and all around the room (wherever he pointed the light) and that all was well. After a few more of these events, his nightmares have decreased to almost zero. When his parents tell the story to friends and family, many of them call to find out more about my clinic. The flashlights are little but are making a big difference! Thanks Myron!  
"Still Hungry For A Cure"
Debi A.
Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a genetic disorder that is a result of an abnormality on the 15th chromosome. This worldwide syndrome affects 1 in 15,000 people. PWS typically causes, to mention a few, short stature if not treated with growth hormones, a chronic feeling of hunger that coupled with a metabolism that utilizes drastically fewer calories than normal, can lead to excessive eating and life-threatening obesity. The food compulsion makes constant 24/7 supervision necessary. (PWS) is the most common known genetic cause of life-threatening obesity in children. May is national Prader-Willi Syndrome awareness month. Many people have never heard of the syndrome. We promote awareness with many different wonderful logo items spending thousands annually to spread awareness. Our Mission Statement: Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) is an organization of families and professionals working together to raise awareness, offer support, provide education and advocacy, and promote and fund research to enhance the quality of life of those affected by Prader-Willi syndrome. I have personally worked and volunteered in the non-profit world for many years, now to be a contributing member of the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) national organization is an amazing and beautiful thing. Making a difference is what LIFE is all about. For More Info  
Lighting the World
Larry A.
We are Larry & Alice AuBuchon. We have a little "Mom & Pop" photography and photo restoration business. I recently had a medical procedure done at a local outpatient center. While being prepped for my procedure, I passed out some of the little flashlight pens with our advertising on them to all the medical staff in the center. As they were wheeling me off, all the center personnel, 25-30 of them, were walking around in the room turning their flashlight pens off and on. The lights in the room were relatively low and it was so neat to see all these medical people playing like little kids with their pens. The pen lights looked like fireflies on a summer evening. We got quite a few customers from that interesting encounter, and still get calls from some of the medical staff.  
The Tax professional That Comes to You
James B.
I've seen seniors on the side of the road in horrid winter weather, attempting to get to the typical tax office during a tax season, only to lose control of their vehicle and stay stranded on the side of the road for assistance. They miss appointments... A Nightmare. So came Tax On Wheels, the tax professional that comes to you-- where your important papers and Documents are kept. With one person on the road (taking the risk of traveling in winter elements), and one trip, your return is complete and you are left with copy in hand. I give the Regatta Horizon pocket calendar to all my clients so they can plan their time all year round and be reminded of the great service I provide during tax season and during the year for other financial services.  
Christmas is a great time of year
Shirley C.
My name is Shirley Christian, I own Changing Attitudes Hair Salon. It is customary to give my clients a small thank you gift at Christmas. Two years ago I chose to give the Myron pocket Calendar. My customers called me for weeks telling me thank you, and that they loved their gift. They also reminded me all through the year that they would really like to have that again. I kind of smiled and said maybe but they waited patiently to see if they got them again. Yes, I did reorder and will continue to give this pocket calendar, which puts my company name, address and phone number in the pocket of all my clients-- and they use it to refer new clients my way. Thank you Myron for a great product.  
Myron helps my customers think of my company as an extension of their own
David B.
We are a drafting company providing drawings to steel fabricators throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Many of our customers run their businesses out of their pickup trucks while traveling from job site to job site. Many years ago, fabricators had draftsmen in their offices to provide their drawings. In the last 10-15 years, most small and mid-sized fabricators shut down their drafting departments to cut down on overhead and control costs. The service was still needed, so that resulted in many of us becoming small business owners. Myron products help keep my company's name first in their minds. When they estimate a job, they use my ruler/calculator to scale the plans and estimate their costs. They write their proposal with a Bridgeton Drafting pen. Heck, they even clean their nails with a BDC pocket knife before going into a customer's office (yes, I've seen this). My Myron products help my customers think of our company as if it were their own drafting department.  
Manuel D.
When we first thought of calendars, we thought it would be a nice gift to clients. When we found the pocket calendars through Myron, we never thought this small tool would make such a huge impact! The feedback we got was so good, we decided to give them out as Christmas gifts to all those who visited our office between November and December. By the time March of the next year came around, we had increased our clientele by 250% because of the pocket calendars. Compared to what we spent on these great tools, we profited more than 10x the amount. Every one of our clients enjoyed their pocket calendars-- I know we did!  
Better Than Business Cards
Gary C.
Over the course of the years, I have handed out literally thousands of business cards. The problem is, those who get my business cards probably do the same thing I do with the ones I get. They stack them up with a rubber band around them and only look through them when trying to remember who so-and-so works for. With pens and such personalized with your company's name and phone number, those who receive them use them every day. They literally hold your company's information in their hand every time they write. They certainly don't hold your business card as often. This allows my clients to connect to me on a daily basis. Much better than business cards.  
Taking Care of business
Brendan C.
A big part of my business is one on one coaching services. As such, I try to brand products that I know my clients will use, that are of high quality, and that reflect a part of the message of my own brand, whenever possible. I look for ways to help me "spin my own message." I recently ordered some great flashlight pens that looked and felt expensive and that I know my clients will use. Why? Because I tell them how "neat" these pens are, because they can use them to see the menus in dimly lighted but romantic restaurants, or find the keyhole when they come home late at night. There are obviously a myriad of uses, but I just don't give them a pen. I help them "light the way in their businesses", and give them a better way to remember me. The fact that the pen uses blue ink helps make their signatures stand out from all those photocopies too, which doubles the value of my gift. Myron offers great products that help me keep my name and message at the top of my clients mind, all the time.  
A Fantasy Football Story
Matt & June F.
It's no business, but fantasy football is serious business! Each year, I pass out Myron pens to opposing teams in my three fantasy football leagues. Each year has a different saying. And, of course, each year, all of the opposing teams hate my team but LOVE their new pens. Thanks, Myron.  
Its the little things that make the difference
Tim K.
My company is as small as it gets. Its just me. I'm in and out of the work site quickly. I do my work and am off to the next service call. Many times, beyond the quality of work I preform, the only reminders of my visit is my business card & the Axis Dual Function Flashlight Pen that I leave behind. When I check back with the customer a couple of days later, the first words they say to me is how useful the pen I left behind is to them. Think of it - your company's name and number in the customers pocket for as long as they have the pen. Low cost with unique features.  
Burials at Sea by Captain Johnnie Lee
Johnnie L.
The service I provide is very different, and although there is a lot of competition, there are relatively few people who know my services exist. I compete with very large vessels who can carry 100 people or more. I can carry six people on board my vessel, so my service has to be personal. Please read the testimonials on my website to see how I'm doing in this regard. I also give each client who allows me to assist them, one of your Pens that has my contact info engraved. People often tell me that they were able to refer business to me because they keep the pen, long after they have lost my business card. Being a member of L.A. County Funeral Directors Association, I also attend several large public & private events to promote my business throughout the year. I have become known as the one with the great pens that I give away. Even competitors who give away lessor quality pens, will come and steal some of mine for their personal use. The service and quality that I receive from Myron is excellent. It's the same type of service and quality that I extend in my business, which makes us a great match. I would prefer to hand out one of your pens vs. a business card, but the cost requires that I be a little selective. Please visit me at to learn more.  
Promotional Holiday Pens
Leo M.
I ordered the tool-pens with my company logo and address. My intention was to hand them out to potential new customers. My order arrived during the Christmas season, so I sent some of the tool-pens out to past customers to say thank-you. My business is training & corporate videos- let me tell you, I got more compliments on the tool-pens then I did for the video work! One customer is coming back for more video work & they have already asked what my next promotional gift will be! Thanks Myron, the tool-pens were a great idea!  
Holding the dream of your future in your hand
Kelli K.
We've recently added the planning of destination weddings to our specialties at our office, and ordered logo pens and bags to promote our business. It was great to see all of the brides walking around the show with the orange bags-- it was a sea of orange! The pens were being used by them at all of the booths as well. What a great gift to give them as they planned their dream wedding!  
The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword!
Christopher M.
"Trust an insurance agent? Please! All they do is take my money and then don't pay my claim." That is what I am up against everyday of the week. My biggest obstacle is building trust. Everything I do is to show trustworthiness to my clients. As a part of this concept, I designed a web page, Yes, with the word trust in the name! I have ordered pens from Myron with the web page on the pen. This not only promotes the website, but also puts the concept of trust in the client's mind. When the client signs their paperwork, they leave with a pen that they will use. I have had clients tell me that they came to my website because of their favorite pen!  
Myron Pushes Mabrito Motorsports to the checkered flag
Bruce M.
Every year I use the Myron Teamwork pocket calendar to say "thank you" to our clients and sponsors, and to "break the ice" when meeting potential partners! These are first-class pocket calendars, that are truly appreciated in an overly-electronic and busy world. They are remarkably simple, direct, "intuitive", useful, and act as a great "manual recording device" as we move through the year! Many of the Mabrito Motorsports partners proudly show off their Myron Teamwork pocket calendar to their business associates and friends. A well-known past mayor of San Antonio contacts me in November, every year, to make sure he gets his own Mabrito Motorsports pocket calendar for the next year. Myron does a great job of helping small businesses compete and they do it very effectively! Many thanks to Myron from Mabrito Motorsports in Texas!  
Recognize the Brand
Pamela R.
I have spent the past 3 years developing patented technology, rather than sales engagements. This provides limited access to potential customers and partners, since you're not in the meetings and events. I began purchasing business branded tools, from lighted writing instruments to sturdy professional desk accessories, and began shipping them out to strategic customers, in advance of the sales cycle. In January 2011, our company transitioned from development to sales. Within the first 4 months, we had executed contracts for nearly 60M in work, and are currently executing another large contract, which will put us at 100M in booked revenue. Each of these customers knew who we were, due to the Myron gifts we shipped.  
4 out of 5 prefer my IMPACT Pen!
Gary M.
I was invited to a business breakfast at a University in our town, by a friend who is an attorney. As A "thank you" for inviting me to his firm's table, I passed out my IMPACT Black and Chrome pens to all 10 folks at our table. A couple of weeks later, he was in a meeting with clients. Of the 5 people in the room, 4 of them were at the breakfast two weeks, previous and all 4 were using my IMPACT chrome and black pens! How about that? Yes, people love great gifts, even the ones which only cost you a few dollars.  
Marketing is critical for my business
Chris S.
The most important thing that I do for my business is marketing. I am a financial planner, and provide a range of services for individuals, as well as small to medium sized businesses. Funny thing is that they love my services, but don't share me too quickly with other prospects. Since they want to keep my services private, I don't get many referrals, so I have to constantly seek out new prospects. I've used local print ads and digital marketing, but I seem to get the most direct response from a portfolio that I send out, that includes some current materials on estate planning. Usually, these go to prospects that I have researched over time, so I can tailor the information to their specific needs/industry. Although I am sending a solicitation, it feels very personal because I always have the portfolio stamped with their initials on the inside pocket. At the very least, they tend to call or email me with a thank-you. I can typically turn that simple communication into a phone conference, or a meeting to present my credentials and some plans. So far, I have been landing business with about 20% of the prospects I am meeting. It seems that they have heard of my firm from the local advertising, but call me because of the impressive pitch they received. Hope my marketing story helps me win an iPad! If not, at least I can pass on my strategy to other service business professionals. Thanks for the opportunity.  
The Thoughtful Gift
Melinda T.
I have been using the Myron Pocket Pals to thank customers and promote my business for 3 years. I have customers who look forward to the new year's edition. I have taken the Pocket Pals to my church, and to my BNI meetings, and have gotten nothing but thanks and compliments on the quality. I had a customer from out of town come in, and he heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw this year's edition. He had last year's with him, and showed me how well used it was. I very much appreciate the whole look and quality. My reputation is based on the quality of my work, and I wouldn't want to give my customers something of inferior quality. Thank you Myron.  
Give Aways...
Barb T., RHU - Office Manager
Myron has always been there for Benefits Unlimited, consistently reminding us to use their products to promote our business. Whether it's imprinted calendars and pens, to our most recent purchase of supplies, we always know the products are well made, the imprints beautifully clear, and the follow-ups, consistent from year to year, as our clients anxiously await (and request) their next crop of Myron created products. THANK YOU, MYRON!  
Keep Maui..on your mind
Roger T.
As a successful Maui Real estate Broker, I often use pens at contract signings, and allow my clients to keep a new Pen with my Name and web address on it. I also include personalized note pads, which clients may use during inspections and viewing of homes. pen and notepads make a memorable gift. I also give them to their children if they seem distracted during a home tour. It works for all.  
Promoting the Father's business
Sheri V.
Dear Myron Company, I'd like to take this opportunity to share our story about how we use your products to promote our business. As the Administrative Assistant at Good Ground Family Church, I often open the mail and sort it out to the appropriate individuals. It just so happened that one day, there was a large envelope addressed to the church that contained a beautiful Bergamo pen, with our name and phone number inscribed. I loved the design of the pen and the feel of it as I was writing with it. When a representative from Myron called to see if we had received it, I had the pleasure of speaking with them and giving them my impression. During the course of our discussion, I asked if our logo could be inscribed to make it more personal. The representative asked me to e-mail it to them for review, and advised they would let me know. They were very helpful in communicating minor changes that needed to be made by your graphics department, to insure clarity and readability. Upon final review, the finished product was top notch. We have since ordered 150 of the Bergamo pens, personalized with our logo and phone number. We use them for a variety of purposes-- from recognizing volunteers, blessing those who visit our church (they are attached to the information packets visitors are given, and the visitors are told they can keep the pen), and as part of our promotional packet we have recently put together as we look for donors for a building project. We are so blessed by the quality and workmanship of your pens. We are especially thankful that they can be refilled when the ink runs out. As we are about to embark on another development project, I will be contacting you to design another pen for that specific purpose. Thank you, Myron, for helping us go about our Father's business (Luke 2:49). May God richly bless you.  
Giveaway Excellence
Evelyn S.
As a branding strategist and marketer, I had always believed in personalizing my business, to keep my name in front of my clients. I've tried all sorts of client freebies in the past (including key chains, mouse pads, magnetic calendars, and a host of other items), but I've come down to spending the money on one good item that people will carry with them, and remember me and my business every day. And it's not one of those cheapy pens you can get from so many other marketing promo firms, that when it runs out you throw it out. It is a great looking, strong, comfortable, pen that someone who loves writing and good pens might select and purchase for himself. Here's a quite ironic example from several years ago, of how I know this form of "advertising" works. I had a catering client, for whom I developed their branding materials, including their brochure, catalog, and ads. It had been awhile since I had done work for them. Unbeknownst to a friend of mine, (also a Creative Director), he and his photographer went to visit this client as a prospect. While they were pitching their services, they noticed that they were writing with the same pen! And it was my Myron pen giveaway. Once my friend realized it was my client, he decided it was "hands off", and I was able to secure their business and create yet another new catalog for my previous client.  
Cleaning services
Lisa S.
I have a cleaning service, and I hand my pen's out with a gift basket on all new accounts. I put popcorn, coke, and free movies passes for the first time, so when you come home from a long day, your house is clean and sweet, so you can sit and relax, and watch a free movie on us. With these little pens, i am seeing all over town that my business is booming. Thank you Myron.  

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