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Promotional Products & Personalized Gifts
Myron has been helping people build their businesses for more than 60 years. By never compromising our standards and always delivering the highest quality product with superlative service, we have become a name our customers trust. Myron puts a guarantee behind all our personalized products because we know how important it is to have it done right when you're putting your name out there. Learn more about the standards and service you can rely on when choosing Myron for your business gifting needs. Our loyal customers below were happy to tell their stories and we hope you will be too!
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Colour Basis
Christi S.
"We have been extremely happy with all of the different products we have ordered from Myron. We are an image business and that extends to our promotional items. It's important that they look great and are well functioning. Our clients LOVE getting our pens, it's like adult candy! Everyone likes getting a great treat. WE don't even consider any other pen supplier, Myron has our business."  
Ashton Royce
Steven J.
"We have worked with Myron for a number of years and we are very happy with our relationship. In fact, we no longer accept calls from Myron's competitors. We have found Myron and their employees to be very professional and responsive. Myron's customer service is outstanding and every phone call and email has been returned. We have been very happy with product quality and pricing as they are always competitive. On the rare instance where there has been a problem, it has been resolved quickly and satisfactorily, which is a major reason we remain loyal to Myron."  
UNITEL Insurance
Rand M.
"Your customer service has always been great - anyone I have talked to (and especially Chris) was always courteous and careful with my time. The ordering process was very efficient and time effective and spot on with any imprints. I have had nothing but positive comments by our customers - Thanks Myron!"  
Flushing Kent Reality Management
Spencer A.
"The Myron products we ordered ranging from our logo umbrellas to the Royale Excel Lighted pens have all been big hits with our customers and clientele. In addition, the ease of ordering and customer support is surpassed by none. We look forward to seeing what innovative products Myron comes up with next!"  
New Jersey Federal Credit Union
Kathleen L.
"Myron has been our soul vendor for calendars and I have been extremely satisfied with them. The quality of their products is terrific and the services is outstanding! Our members ask for the calendar year after year. Than you for making such great and durable products!"  
Living World Community of Faith
Debra T.
"I have had the pleasure of ordering from Myron on a few occasions. Each time, I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the team when it came to making sure my logo, slogan, and text were just the way I wanted. The final products have always been both excellent and delivered in a timely manner. The cost is great and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The best part about Myron is that they follow up to make sure you've received your product and if it is to your specification. That's great service and I love it! I recommend Myron to anyone and will definitely use them for our future marketing needs."  
AmeriPlus Financial
Aadil N.
"I have been working with Myron for my Mortgage Company advertising paraphernalia for over 7 years now. There professionalism and service has been outstanding. Even when time frames were not met, they always threw in incentives which brought my average price well below other competitors in the market. Anytime a new product comes out, I can be sure to receive a sample in the mail. The quality of their products out beats anything out there. I continually get compliments on the products I have chosen from Myron. Moving forward, I would not go anywhere else for my needs. Good Job Myron, keep up the great service and prices. Happy Customer"  
Stellar Group
Nora H.
"I have been faithfully buying from Myron for many years, they have a great group of people to deal with, and they stand behind their products. I had an issue with a misprint and they took care of it right away, and I was still able to meet my deadline. Great Customer Service!"  
America Cash Plus
Margie G.
"We have always been 100% satisfied with Myron's products. Not only do they provide superior workmanship, but the exceptional customer service we receive is greatly appreciated. We've compared Myron's products with others in the industry and honestly, there is no comparison. I am certain this is one relationship that will last for many years to come."  
New Direction
Marianne H.
"Quality keeps my clients raving and asking for more of the Myron/Adler International promotional items I give them. My Myron Service Rep consistently keeps me informed of new products and handles my account professionally and with speed. My website design services are top notch - I want the that image conveyed in my advertising and marketing as well."  
New England Medical Supply
Linda S.
"My company, New England Medical Supply, located in Providence, RI has been in business for 22 years. Throughout those years, Myron/Adler International has been our company of choice to provide gifts and/or promotional advertising items to prospective customers. Myron has always met our expectations. The products we chose to represent our Company included key chains, flashlights, flashlight/key chain combination, calculators and folio date books just to name a few. I'm very comfortable recommending Myron/Adler International to any company who cares about their professional image."  
Finley Consulting & Investigations
Christopher F.
"Our company has ordered products from several different promotional companies in the past. Until we ordered from Myron, the products received were simply "okay". The recent products we received from Myron were of exceptional quality and our employees were proud to give them to our customers. We will definitely order from Myron again and I feel that we have found our "go to" company. "  
Dr. Bob Windom
Bob Windom
"I am a retired internist in Sarasota, FL. From 1986-89, I was nominated by President Reagan, confirmed by the Senate, to be his Assistant Secretary for Health. That involved directing the US Public Health Service, and much foreign travel to many countries with whom we had bilateral research funding. I gave pen-lites to Ministers of Health all over the globe. I have given to President Reagan, numerous DC senators and congressmen, governors, and so many more. I always carry 3 or 4 since opportunities arise so often. In the early days I started having name and my position at the time printed on them because some folks later forgot where they got them. I always hear how people have found use in the strangest ways---stuck on elevators, opened pocket book in the dark, finding the car door lock, a guide at night to the bathroom, and many more.
Last fall, My wife and I attended our 60th Duke graduation. Classmate Ed Nixon (brother of Dick) had a box of your Premise pens and handed them out----and I took a handful myself to bring home for family and friends. That introduction has resulted in receiving an initial order of 100 a few days ago. I spent several calls talking to your representative Karen on the print. I wanted to receive them before I go to the Florida Medical Association next weekend and had them rushed to be sure no problem. Karen was very helpful, eager to please, cooperative, accommodating, and pleasant to converse about the product----she represents your company very well before the public, a trait not possessed by many employees today.
Your combining a good ball point pen, plus a unique lite makes it truly a pen-lite. Plus, to be able to replace batteries allows one to have it forever. I will distribute one to many FL doctors next Fri-Sunday in Boca Raton. Some doctors like to give out all kinds of items and I know this should be a hit---thus the request for quick delivery.
I wish I had known about this item years ago. However, if I keep on living I am sure I will be ordering on a regular basis. It truly is one of a kind as far as I know. "
Linda Nations
"Myron has been my choice for advertising since the first time they sent me a pen with my logo and company name on it. Everything I buy has been top quality and when customers receive them as gifts I get rave reviews. Lately I have been using the Try Us promotions to see how the product looks and feels before buying a large number for gifts. This program is really great because it doesn’t cost much to get the product in my hands initially and I know exactly how it will look when I do receive the product with my logo and company name on it.
The pens especially are the best advertising I can do because everyone loves the way they write and the weight and feel of them. I have also purchased several other items as promotional gifts and the quality always exceeds my expectations. "

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