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Business and Marketing Resources Library

Welcome to our business resource library for promotional products. These articles speak to Myron's business of personalized promotional items, but also touch on the importance of utilizing these tools to promote and market your business. We encourage you to browse our articles to heighten your knowledge on how promotional gifts can help you build a larger customer list and retain those customers year after year, as well as motivate your workforce and increase performance.

Tips for Organizing a Food Drive that Really Delivers

We asked hunger-relief leaders and loyal volunteers to share their best tips for organizing a successful food drive. A great starting point for any organization or group looking to help people in their communities.

Creating Synergy Between Promotional Items and Social Media

Promotional items have long been staples in many small business’ marketing plans. Branded gifts allow companies to create long-term advertising campaigns as consumers usually hold onto them for extended periods of time.

The Long-Term Benefits of Promotional Items

In today’s digital age, consumers are constantly bombarded with information through various channels. Marketing has reached a rapid pace thanks to social media.

How to Effectively Market Your Brand Using Social Media

Marketers create pages to instantly advertise and develop brand awareness among consumers.

3 Platforms to Market Your Brand and How to Use Them

Social media, direct mail and promotional products put a business' identifiers right in front of consumers to create a more memorable presence.

Tips and Tricks of the Trade Show World

When assisting trade shows create a long-term brand awareness, giving away high quality promotional products to your potential clients.

How to Increase Online Traffic by Going Offline

Get an edge over your online rivals with person-to-person interaction at trade shows or fairs by giving out unique promotional giveaways customized with your company logo and website URL.

Building a Digital Presence with Traditional Marketing Tools

Boost your digital presence and drive traffic to your company website by using traditional marketing tools, like promotional products imprinted with your company’s website URL or QR code.

Attract New Talent with Promo Items

When you are recruiting, you need to make it your mission to have prospective team members remember your company and want to work for your enterprise. A great way to stay in an applicant's mind is to offer promotional products that have your logo emblazoned on them.

The Importance of Brand Recognition

In order to expand to a broader clientele, you must create brand recognition. This establishes an aura of security and trust in your company, based on the traits of comfort-seeking and intuition ingrained in the human psyche.

How to Use Promotional Products to Attract New Business

No matter how well established a company is in its respected industry, there is always a need for new business and promotional products are a great way to advertise your products and services.

Get Big Returns for Your Small Business

Your small business can't afford to miss opportunities for promoting its goods and services.

Creative and Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products at a Low Cost

Many questions run through a small business owner's mind when deciding which promotional products to use. Here are some tips to follow for small or home-based businesses.

4 Great Tips for Outlining a Successful Promotional Marketing Campaign

With a lot of planning, a little cunning and clever use of best practices, any small business can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to their promotional marketing campaign.

Encourage Customer Loyalty Through the Use of Promotional Products

Promotional products may be used for a variety of purposes. However, a promotional advertising campaign is best served when it targets customer loyalty.

Blog Dos & Don'ts

In the world of promotional products and online marketing, a professional blog lets businesses relay important messages to a large audience instantly, making blogging one of the most effective tools available on the internet.

Social Media is a Crucial Component of any Marketing Strategy

Social media is a cost effective way to promote a small business.

Promotional Advertising in the Digital Age
If a small business wishes to successfully implement promotional products, they may consider a few of these guidelines to secure a maximum return on investment.

Build a Strong Business Relationship with a Custom Pen

If you are searching for a way to make sure your customers don’t forget about you, use Myron promotional pens to advertise your business.

Use Promotional Products to Make an Emotional Connection with Customers

Business owners must strive to make a connection with their customers and promotional items are a great way of giving them the validation they desire.

Questions to Ask When Using Promotional Products as a Marketing Strategy

The time has come for your company to increase its advertising efforts and you are wondering which methods would be the best ones to utilize. This post provides valuable guidelines for business owners.

Honor Teachers with a Personalized Gift

Celebrate National Teacher's Day and thank your community's teachers for their hard work with functional personalized gifts.

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