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3 Platforms to Market Your Brand and How to Use Them

Building a brand is one of the most important steps business owners take when establishing an identity for their companies. Consumers need to be exposed to memorable images in order to recognize and remember what an organization has to offer. Taking the time to develop a consistent presence will make it easier for establishments to market themselves to potential customers.

Putting a brand out there can be difficult for owners who aren't sure which advertising mediums have the longest reaches. Businesses need to stop and consider who they are marketing to and how they can raise visibility among those consumers.

Some advertising platforms allow companies to directly contact potential clients and eliminate wasting time by putting a brand in front of unlikely leads. Social media, direct mail and promotional products put a business' identifiers right in front of consumers to create a more memorable presence.

Social media

Social networking is the latest greatest marketing tool that owners have been using to push their brands into the marketplace. Establishments create pages on websites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook so clients can receive instant updates about products and discounts. Without proper maintenance, however, the advertising platform can be wasted.

Owners need to connect with their customers and create awareness for their social media presence. The best way to gain digital visibility is to regularly post new, relevant content.

Businesses can decide on what image they want to create and simply update that information to their profiles. Since marketing materials are sent directly to consumers, the most effective brands will have a consistent tone so every message feels like it's coming from a reliable source.

Networking sites like Facebook recommend pages to their users based on interests and which profiles are actively updated. This makes it easy for local operations to find nearby consumers and appeal to those people. Owners can use the platform to serve as a constant reminder of a company so customers are more likely to remember it after they log off.

Direct mail

Mail campaigns aren't particularly flashy, but they can generate a high response rate and can work to raise brand visibility by advertising via a medium that most consumers aren't expecting to receive advertisements in. Tom Foti, the manager of Direct Mail and Periodicals at the United States Post Office, says that mailers create a more intimate connection between a customer and a business.

In a statement Foti said, "Direct mail creates a one-on-one connection that’s hard for other media channels to match. The average household receives only two pieces of direct mail a day compared with 157 emails." Sending letters isn't as popular as it was once, so direct mail has a better chance at being read and recognized. Consumers take the time to read a postcard or flyer, thus a company's brand is actively being recognized.

The most difficult part of raising visibility through the mail is developing a schedule. Like with every marketing campaign, owners need to walk a fine line between sending timely messages without becoming overly intrusive. Recipients can quickly forget about a business if it doesn't send advertisements often enough. If an establishment sends too much direct mail, consumers will begin to think of a brand as a minor annoyance.

Promotional products

Giving away promo items creates a long-term brand presence among consumers, so marketers don't have to place such a large emphasis on deciding the most appropriate time to schedule an advertisement. By including logos and contact information on a functional gift like a pen or calendar, businesses are raising their visibility every day. Promotional products work best when they fill a consumers' daily need. For example, clients will regularly look at a promo calendar so they are consistently exposed to a brand and are more likely to recognize those images later.

Giveaways are also a great opportunity for owners to develop a stronger bond with their clients. Customers appreciate companies that recognize loyal patronage with small gifts and this sort of promotion creates an association between a brand and a caring attitude.

There are dozens of avenues that owners can go down while trying to create a firm image for their companies. These professionals have to consider which marketing platforms fit into their advertising strategy and are relevant to their consumers.

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