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Your small business can't afford to miss opportunities for promoting its goods and services. At the same time, enlisting a corporate marketing company may not be in the budget. Therefore, small businesses need to be creative when it comes to establishing brand identity and increasing public visibility. Using business promotional products is a great way to increase marketing opportunities as well as profit margins, but how do you know which promotional product is right for you? Consider the following strategies for choosing and distributing customized business gifts and you just may see business spike.

Know your services

Small business owners are trying to carve out their niches, and it can be easy to get lost when compared to huge corporations. Knowing your niche is the first step toward branding your company. Use your niche to focus promotional strategies. For example, personalized flashlight pens that are great for promoting a medical practice because of their functionality. Patients will likely need to take down notes or write down questions during an appointment, and they are likely to need to follow up with the doctor. Providing pertinent contact information will make your practice easily accessible to the client, and the flashlight function might set you apart from other offices.

David B., owner of a Mid Atlantic drafting company said, "Myron products help keep my company's name first in [client's] minds. When they estimate a job, they use my ruler/calculator to scale the plans and estimate their costs. They write their proposal with a Bridgeton Drafting pen. Heck, they even clean their nails with a BDC pocket knife before going into a customer's office." Matching the company's function with products clients will use is a strategy all small business owners can learn from.

Design a logo

What do McDonalds, Nike and Mercedes-Benz have in common? Their logos are internationally recognized images that do not need words to advertise their products. While small business logos may not be as famous as the golden arches, they do say a lot about the company. Choose fonts that make a statement and are readable, and if at all possible, try to incorporate an image related to your services. For example, companies offering auto repair services might incorporate a tire or steering wheel into their design. Adorning that logo on promotional key rings makes business sense because it shows customers you are always there for them.

Know your clients

Choose promotional strategies that will be attractive to established and desired clients. Make sure to invest in promotional products that will delight your customers and fit their lifestyles. For example, if you want to impress an executive client, you can give them a leather-bound personalized portfolio instead of a logo keychain. This is an elegant and functional way to show your appreciation for an important client. This will certainly make your brand more memorable and is likely to deepen their bonds with your company. 

Social media and the internet 

Many small businesses already know the value of free social media services like Facebook and Twitter. These sites can put you in touch with thousands of potential customers and are a great chance to promote your brand identity. Online corporate promotional giveaways through social media sites are a great way to increase web traffic to your website. Select a desirable prize for these giveaways to increase the number of people who sign up. You can add these new contacts to company email lists to lengthen the effect of the contest. High end gifts such as a laptop bag adorned with your company's logo is a good option for many industries, but always make sure to match your promos with your services.

Choosing the right promotional products for marketing your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just follow these basic guidelines and you will be on your way to improving the visibility of your brand and increasing business.

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