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Use promotional products to make an emotional connection with customers

It’s no secret that an advertising campaign can attract new clients and create a positive brand image. However, in order for a company to be truly successful, current customers must feel that their needs are being expressly taken care of and that their business is appreciated. Business owners must strive to make a connection with their customers and promotional items are a great way of giving them the validation they desire.

Small business owners who are doubtful of the effectiveness of quality promotional products need to look no further than the testimonials provided by many different entrepreneurs.

Aim to help improve the personal lives of customers

A personable air needs to be projected to customers, as businesses that don't have a human face attached to their brand are often perceived as remote and unemotional. A good way to avoid this problem is getting to know a little bit more about your customers. Specific corporate gifts can be given out to those people who might find a great use for them.

Sometimes the smallest tokens have the greatest effect. "Since last year, I've been giving [Myron] flashlight key rings (with my logo on them) to the parents and kids that I treat," said Dr. Thomas A. "One 8 year old boy has had terrible nightmares for several years. After getting the little flashlight (a blue one), he took it to bed with him every night. When he woke with a nightmare recently, he remembered the flashlight and turned it on. He said it made him smile that he could instantly see into and all around the room (wherever he pointed the light) and that all was well. When his parents tell the story to friends and family, many of them call to find out more about my clinic."

Even a single person can be an huge outlet to increased business, so be sure to treat each customer with respect and care.

Combine promotional products with other treats

If you think that a promotional pen will not work by itself, it may be a good idea to think outside of the box and include branded items in neat little packages. These can feature unrelated treats like fruit and snacks, or additional promotional products that complement one another.

"I have a cleaning service, and I hand my pens out with a gift basket on all new accounts," said Lisa S. "I put popcorn, Coke and free movie passes [inside] so when you come home from a long day, your house is clean and sweet so you can sit and relax and watch a free movie on us. With these little pens, I am seeing all over town that my business is booming."

Simple gifts can go a long way

A small business owner should never underestimate the impact that simple customer-appreciation gifts can have on a local market. When distributed correctly, cost-effective products like Myron promotional pens can increase the visibility of a company's services and directly lead to new business.

For example, Jean-Marie S. and her husband manage a small operation that originally had around 15 customers.

"When our first order of 50 Myron pens arrived, we mailed one to each of the customers with a thank you note," Jean-Marie S. told Myron. "They were so happy when they received the pens. They called to give thanks, and certainly they might have shown the pens to people. As a result, this year not only all 15 were repeat customers, but they referred others. Every client walked out with a blue and silver Myron pen, very happy. Our word of mouth advertisement ... generated over 65 customers in three months."

While a 400 percent increase is a dramatic figure, a company using promotional products can at least expect a modest return on investment. The key is to go above and beyond in meeting your customers’ needs and expectations and business gifts are a wonderful to reward loyal customers and generate new business leads.

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