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When to use promotional products in the digital age

Social media has become extraordinarily prevalent in the online world. Promotional advertising used to target a consumer audience that used TV and radio for media and entertainment, but now more people than ever learn of events and giveaways via social media and the internet. If a small business wishes to successfully implement promotional products, they may consider a few of the following guidelines to secure a maximum return on investment.

Target free social media rather than subscription-based services The internet is inundated with a multitude of knock-off social media sites that charge a monthly or weekly fee to use. Instead of opting for lesser-known entities, focus on the big three - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The basic features of these pages are all completely free, and can be set up without the hiring of a professional. 


This is perhaps the easiest site to incorporate on promotional products out of the three social media platforms. Twitter is based on short, concise messages of 140 characters or less that are known as tweets. Immediately, the maximum length of a message incorporated onto gifts like promotional pens would only be a few lines. This is very cost-effective in itself, but small businesses can save even more money by utilizing hashtags. 

Hashtags are a word or short sentence that has a pound (#) sign at the beginning, and this symbol makes the phrase link to a particular page or tweet. This can easily be incorporated onto any type of promotional product, and can ensure high web traffic on a corporate Twitter page.


Facebook is key when planning tradeshow giveaways and other promotional marketing events. It is also much more customizable than Twitter - a company Facebook page can provide almost any information about services, history and location. Marketing managers should always encourage feedback from friends and clients by writing on a wall or commenting on a status update, and promotional items can be branded with a link right back to an official page. 

A good idea that combines practicality with digital media is an executive gift that can be used in conjunction with a computer. After all, potential customers are much more likely to link to a webpage when they are sitting in front of a screen. For example, a Lexar JumpDrive USB flash drive like the ones offered by Myron can be used for document or multimedia storage. When plugging the device into a port, a user will immediately be reminded to visit a Facebook page. YouTube This video-sharing site is the final popular website that can be used by a small business for free. By creating an informational video about their services, companies can be assured of projecting a wholesome and knowledgeable corporate image. As before, the URL of a YouTube page can be scrawled across anything from a promotional tool pen to a custom coffee mug

When to use digital promotional products

The functionality of promotional items is limited directly to the audience to which these gifts are distributed. Since nearly everyone uses the internet, a company does not need to worry about age, gender or other demographics. However, remember that social media is not for everyone - it would be unwise to brand every corporate gift with an internet URL. Instead, focus on a mix of conventional products for the best effect, because a varied marketing strategy can provide optimum results.

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