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Your message will be seen up to 10 times each day as customers clean their smartphones, tablet displays and glasses with this custom microfiber cloth. No other promotional product offers you so much repeat exposure on such a huge advertising billboard.

As Low as $0.79

Myron's custom microfiber cloths are like no other. Their custom blended fabric is completely safe, free of harmful chemicals and will amaze your customers with its cleaning ability, even after multiple hand washings.

As Low as $0.79

This smooth-writing pen also has a touchscreen stylus, so it'll pull double duty to get your brand name noticed!

As Low as $2.11

With an LED light, touchscreen stylus, and smooth-writing ballpoint, this custom imprinted pen is a triple treat for your clients!

As Low as $2.87

Small, but powerful this pocket translator is a welcome gift for the business traveler or any frequent flyer. With a 2500 word dictionary, this translator can translate 765 common travel phrases.

As Low as $14.05
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