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Custom Rollerball Pens

Custom rollerball pens give you top-notch style and performance with every promotion.
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Custom Rollerball Pens

Want to be noticed in meetings, conferences and customers’ homes? They’re an ideal choice when your business needs an affordable gift that stands out in a room. At Myron, we understand the importance of a great pen, that’s why we offer high-quality rollerball pens at every price point. Choose one that fits your budget, and your brand, to make your next trade show appearance more effective.

Why Rollerball Pens?

Pens will always be an easy and efficient promotional handout—but what’s so great about rollerball pens specifically? To start, they use a water-based ink. It shows up more vibrant and precise on paper, giving any written work a professional look. It also makes writing feel more fluid. Water-based ink has a low-viscosity, which means it’s thin, especially compared to the oil-based ink of a ballpoint. Because the ink is thinner, it flows from the pen tip more easily. It takes less pressure to write with one of these pens, so the entire writing experience is more comfortable. Give your customers, employees and prospects a personalised rollerball pen with your business logo on the barrel and they’ll most-definitely be impressed.

Always the Perfect Design

Whether you’re heading to a major convention or hosting a training seminar within your own business, we have a pen that suits your needs. Our personalized rollerball pens come in a variety of styles. Want an everyday plastic barrel with comfort grip? We have that. An elite metal pick like the Waterman Hemisphere rollerball pens? We have those too. At Myron, we work hard to make sure there’s something for every brand and every occasion. Our pens have stunning features like bright gold and chrome appointments, leather accents and weighty brass metal for special events and clients. To take your gift up a notch, we offer several styles with gift boxes included. Your executives and top-performing employees will really love those. Some of our rollerballs even have a built-in touchscreen stylus, so they can be used with smartphones and tablets.

Whatever you need, just browse our selection, find your perfect pen and we’ll add your custom imprint. Let us provide a writing tool that’s also a flawless business gift. At Myron, you can be sure that you’ll love the promotional gift you ordered. Your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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