Tomahawk Safety Flashlight

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Experience the Myron difference; single-unit orders welcome! We've paired our Tomahawk Flashlight with our Tomahawk Mini for a standout gift combo that shows customers you care. Packed with safety features including a seat belt cutter, high-impact glass breaker, flashing COB light setting and much more, this promotional gift set is emergency preparedness done right.

Tomahawk Flashlight

  • Struggle-free seat belt cutter blade easily slices through tough seat belt material
  • High impact glass breaker tip breaks through windows with little effort
  • Flashing red and white life-saving emergency lights
  • Industry top seller with exclusive Myron design
  • Lifesaving features for emergencies
  • Ultra-powerful LED flashlight shines up to 700 feet
  • Work light that beams up to 2 continuous hours
  • Adjustable rope wrist strap
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Powerful Magnet sticks on any metal surface for hands-free use
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries, easily interchangeableÂ
  • Non-personalized

Tomahawk Mini Flashlight

  • Durable aluminum construction with anodized finish
  • Features a bright COB work light on the side - push-button activated
  • Built-in glass breaker
  • Built-in seat belt cutter
  • Powerful magnet built-in at the tip
  • Convenient carrying strap
  • Batteries included
  • Non-personalized

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Item size: Regular size Tomahawk: 8.2" H
Item size: Mini Tomahawk: 1.77"W x 5.1" H

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