• Our Bag Buying Guide


Even in an era of digital marketing and social media, promotional products offer great value and are a tangible way for customers to interact with your brand. When it comes down to practicality and usability, bags lead the way as highly coveted custom gifts. 73% of American consumers own a promotional bag. That number itself is reason enough to consider bags for your next marketing endeavor.


Everywhere. Bags are an extremely popular choice of custom items and are versatile enough for every promotional purpose. You can use a custom bag as a part of a gift basket or it can be the main giveaway itself. They can be used for multiple occasions and in a number of ways.

Small Businesses

A bag is the easiest way to forge and develop a strong connection with your customers. It is an extremely personal item, that they can take back to their home. It holds their most valuable possessions and can be used in multiple ways. Bags fulfill a solution to a problem that your customer didn’t even know they had in the first place and are indispensable.

They are extremely affordable to produce and hence are complete value for the money. Since there are so many varieties in the materials and types of bags, there is one to fit every budget – so you could invest in a more expensive bag as the custom gift or even get a cheaper one to use as means to give away other merchandise.

They are easily carried and travel with your clients and customers everywhere. You can hand out bags to your customers at your store, at a booth for an event or even mail it out.

Bags make wonderful incentives for loyal customers and can be offered as a reward after a certain number of purchases. If you are hoping to capture the attention of social media then perhaps offer promotional bags to Influencers and Bloggers with your logo and artwork imprinted on it to make a big bang in the digital space.

Bags offer better business visibility - they are constantly seen by not just your customer or client but also everyone who comes into contact with them during their commute. This item is guaranteed to be displayed by your customer or employee in public places and will ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Bags remind people who you are and what you stand for. They offer the opportunity for instant brand recognition and people remember your business easier after repeated exposure to it.


Convert leads into sure-shot sales when you offer potential customers promotional bags. They are nominal investments that convert budding relationships into long-term contracts. Promotional bags are kept for 11 months on average. And, this product doesn’t just sit at home. It is carried to numerous locations, along with your company artwork, turning your customers into your personal billboards.

Bags are great gifts to give potential customers. Everyone loves freebies and bags are so useful that you get a wonderful foot in the door with this custom gift. It sets the tone for a good first impression and the opportunity for long-lasting business partnerships.
You may consider using bags as a promotional gift to keep leads warm after digital conversions. This serves as an impetus for your client to follow through and offers you a chance to seal the deal.

If you have a contentPageParagraphGreyn even pick the type of bag they may be interested in and send them hyper-targeted direct mailings.

Giving your existing customers a good promotional bag coaxes them into giving you repeat business as your company creates a positive association with the gift and reminds them of your services.

Bags are a great way to make product launches. It’s a stylish and subtle way to announce upcoming changes to your clients and update them about your business.


Bags are highly treasured memorabilia and accessories at an event. From a busy trade show to a bustling concert, bags are useful not just during the event but also long after. They serve as souvenirs of the event and are then repurposed in everyday life.

The most pertinent feature about bags that especially lend themselves to events is that they can be used to carry things during the event. This could include either a visitor’s own belonging, or things they might be given during the show, or even the bag carrying other swag in addition to the bag itself. That makes bags the ultimate event giveaway.

Swag bags and goodie-bags are given to attendees at the beginning at a conference, as you enter an open house or at the end of charity and award events. The bags themselves are often as coveted as the content. They are the item that the recipient takes home with them and uses daily, reminding them of the brand or event. They can be given to all attendees or select VIP clients.

In today’s digital-savvy world, spice up your virtual event by sending recipients swags bags and set yourself apart from your competitors.

HR personnel

Bags are fantastic employee gifts. They are highly valued because of their practicality and hence highly appreciated. They can be used in multiple ways to boost morale and spread cheer in the workforce. Since they are one size fits all, they can be given away to every type of employee, making it an easy choice.

Whether at a company gathering as a welcome gift or a keepsake at the end of a picnic, nothing says team spirit like matching bags with the company logo.

If you are onboarding a new employee or even welcoming back employees on-site, bags are great ways to set the tone and make people feel valued. You could give them out annually and have it become a tradition that is highly-anticipated.

Beach Bags or Boat Totes are fun but practical giveaways. Lunch Bags/Coolers are an essential product that people rarely discard and are appreciated by everyone. A good quality bag makes for a great prize or reward for high-performing employees and is a wonderful incentive to motivate employees in health programs. Giving out bags at recruiting events is a smart way to maximize your promotional product since it can be used by the attendees to carry their other brochures but they will probably take only your bag home. Bags are great presents to entice rising talent and will leave them with a favorable opinion of you. Bags are articles that can be used in the office or home and will most likely be carried on your employees’ commute flashing your logo with them.

Corporate Office

Picking the right corporate gift for the appropriate occasion can be tricky, but if you pick a Myron promotional bag you will be sure to dazzle your boss. Smart Business Bags would impress anyone, especially the high-quality ones Myron offers. They make great gifts for prospective clients and valuable vendors.

When you pick a high-quality bag, it reflects the high-quality of service the client can expect from you. By picking a chic promotional bag you let the recipient know that they are valued and respected.

Bags, in particular are also the best way also to let people know how green your corporate agenda is. At a time when the world is more environmentally conscious than ever – giving a bag represents your corporate social responsibility plan. Most states are banning the use of single use plastic bags and giving a functional bag can help your clients in all aspects of their life.

If you have the opportunity to research the recipient and know their preferences you could whittle down the options to be more spot on and would earn you more brownie points. Sporty backpacks may be a good option if you know your client is athletic and duffels work beautifully for those who are inclined to outdoorsy activities. The thoughtfully chosen bag becomes a highly coveted present instead of a random token. The more thoughtful the selection, the more valued the recipient feels and the more successful your memento.


If you aren’t convinced with just the versatility and universality of bags as promotional items, then perhaps you need to examine some hard-hitting data. The numbers on the magic of promotional bags speaks for itself and will convince you to “bag" your success immediately.

  • 73% of American Consumers Own Promotional Bags
  • 84% of Baby Boomers Own Promotional Bags
  • 50% of Consumers Are More Likely to Do Business with Advertisers Who Gave Them Promotional Bags
  • Promotional Bags Are Kept an Average of 11 Months
  • Promotional Bags Will Generate 3300 Impressions During Its Lifetime
  • A Promotional Bag That Costs $5 Will Have a Cost Per Impression (CPI) Under 2/10 of a Cent


Tote Bags

The superstars of the promotional bag world, these bags are multifunctional and can adapt to every demographic and consumer need.

Canvas Tote Bags are sturdy and environmentally conscious bags that are trendy enough to take out and can create
multiple impressions for your brand along with it. With major haute couture brands using canvas as their handbag
material, the CanvasTote Bag has a new elevated chic status and appeal.

Grocery Bags are almost mandatory now with most states banning single-use plastic bags. They offer a large surface
area for your logo and because they are taken out of the house, they offer high visibility. They can also moonlight as a
bag for toys, laptops, journals, clothes, beauty products and gym towels.

Trade Show Bags are convenient when you are navigating multiple booths and need a place to stuff your brochures and swag. Consumers may use your bag to hold other people’s material but the item they will return home with will definitely be the one with your logo or message on it.

Duffel Bags
These are popular merch to give away at company trips, conferences or to reward loyal customers. Myron’s duffels are expertly printed with your company message so your clients and employees remember you at the gym, airport or even at their work place. These bags are tough and roomy, making it a highly sought-after souvenir.

Convenient and cool – backpacks exude youthful confidence and energy and seem like bags that can handle anything. Showcase your business logo on custom backpacks that will go with your customers on their daily commute or on their work-from-home coffee run.

Coolers and Lunch Bags
Lunch Bags are the practical way your employees and clients will carry their food to work or the park. They are convenient and regulate the temperature of the food without affecting the taste. And with your logo printed on them, everyone around them will also sit up and take notice of your brand.
Coolers keep your customers drinks cold and your brand hot. These gifts carry a major benefit for any brand: they’re meant to be used outdoors. That means the potential for meaningful brand exposure is greater.

Drawstring Bags
Whether you’re handing Drawstring bags out as part of an event giveaway or using them as an onboarding gift, these economical and effective bags are always desirable. They are super light-weight and have hardy drawstrings that make them compact companions for every occasion and location. These multiuse custom cinch bags stay with people for a long time – increasing your brand exposure and creating constant positive associations with your business.

Business Bags
Boost your on-the-go visibility by adding your branding to our durable, high-quality custom business bags. They vary from new-age briefcases to hip messenger bags in a variety of colors and sizes. Ideal for commuters and students, business bags are an easy hit for conferences, employee gifts, and other occasions.

Laptop BagsIn today’s world, the laptop encompasses your entire world. It is how you and your employees work remotely. It is a means by which you communicate with your customers and it stores all your valuable information. It is no wonder then that a good laptop bag would be not just a luxury but a necessity. Your clients would love a solid laptop bag that is functional and attractive and your company logo can get all the attention you want it to.

Luggage Tags
Your company name will travel places (literally) with luggage tags. These portable items attach to any luggage and garner attention for your brand. They come in a variety of styles and materials and make amazing party favors and tradeshow giveaways. They are particularly relevant if you are in the travel industry - your travel agency, booking service, car rental company, or hotel logo will look amazing on one of Myron’s monogrammed luggage tags.

Travel Accessories
There’s nothing better than being comfortable while travelling. From comfort luggage grips to stain removers to adventure sacks, your logo can be on the travel accessory that saves the day. From garment bags to luggage covers, Myron offers custom travel products that are durable, useful, and time-saving.

Beach Bag and Boat Totes
You don’t need to own a yacht to feel like a million bucks. These bags are great for lounging by the pool and carrying your sunscreen and wallet to the beach but they are useful for any purpose. They will make your customers feel stylish and their usefulness will ensure it isn’t thrown away.

Coleman Coolers
With custom zip bags, your next giveaway is sure to be a powerful one when you pick a Coleman Cooler. These bags will carry your graphic to the ballpark, football stadium and the company picnic. Also, Colemans is a name to reckon with. It’s a brand people know and respect. When you give custom Coleman cooler bags as gifts, you can do so with the confidence of knowing that they’ll live up to expectations.


Screen Printing
Screen Printing in one color is the most popular and effective way to imprint a logo or message and is the best way to capture your design’s color onto a bag. A negative of your graphic is printed on a screen and ink is rolled over it and only the areas that need to be get colored. The rest of the ink slips away. The product is kept for drying and the imprint sets. This is a very popular method for promotional bags given how it makes totes, duffels etc. more customizable with colorful imprints.

Pad Printing
In this process, a pad is pressed onto the bag with a special ink applied to it and then allowed to dry. The image or logo is transferred onto the pad in the same way that an offset press would work. However, instead of transferring the ink to paper, it transfers it to the rubber or plastic pad that gets pressed onto your bag. This method is ideal for bags since they are made of fabric because the process takes place under pressure and the transfer is made through a flexible pad. With this method it is possible to have an art print with several different colors.


We understand that the internet is at your fingertips and you could purchase your promotional bags anywhere. Here’s why you should buy from us:

We appreciate our customers for trusting us with your customers and pledge to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We have a trained set of customer representatives who ensure they take your order and get you all the information you need. Our in-house designers can personalize your custom bags quickly and professionally using a range of imprinting processes. Using our online design tool, simply upload and fine-tune your message or request assistance, and our artists will work with you to develop a logo that represents your voice and vision. We understand that time is of the essence and deliver the product in a timely manner. Furthermore, if you don’t see the product, you are looking for, our custom sourcing desk will be happy to find it for you.

You get what you pay for is an old adage but at Myron you get a whole lot more. While we don’t believe in compromising quality for a cheaper price, we still keep our customer’s budget in mind. Our prices are fair and our minimums are low. We offer a loyalty program so that you can buy your products regularly and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As our QA Director says, Myron offers ‘high quality at every budget’. Our wide selection anticipates a variety of needs and budgets, but every Tote, Backpack, Duffel and Laptop Bag - from the Grande Tote Bag to our Sports Bags – is put through the same rigorous QA process so that you are never disappointed. With Myron, there is no risk. We believe in our products, our people, our resources, AND our customers completely. If you are unsatisfied with your bag purchase for any reason, we will replace it or give you a full refund.

At Myron, we pride ourselves on excellence and walk the line between classic favorites and emerging trends. Our products are carefully picked and researched and then offered to the customer. We have certain products that are unique to only us and have been designed especially for you. We know that certain gift items are sure-shot hits but always have our ear to the ground for new ways to be better. Our goal is to make your business visible and every day strive to innovate and achieve that for you.