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Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Get your cotton tote bags wholesale with Myron. We have a wide selection of styles available, just waiting to represent your brand in the best way possible. Our account managers will happily assist you in choosing the perfect bag and personalizing it with your business logo or message. The best part is, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Wholesale Prices on Eco-Friendly Cotton Tote Bags

Every good marketer knows that the best kinds of promotional gifts are ones with high utility and high durability. For an effective promotion, you can’t choose products that are easily discarded, overlooked or forgotten. Your gifts should be used regularly, and built to last. That’s why printed cotton tote bags are such a great idea. They’re durable enough to hold up through many uses, and they’re so versatile that customers and employees will carry them everywhere. These are the custom gifts you want to use when you’re looking for a real boost in brand exposure.

Why Cotton?

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag for your brand, the material matters. Tote bags come in several different fabrics, but cotton is your best choice. It’s been called “The fabric of our lives” for good reason. Cotton is hypoallergenic and one of the easiest fabrics to dye. Whether it’s stripes, colored accent handles and other design pops, or your custom imprint, the color will look amazing on these tote bags. It’s also sustainable, renewable and pretty inexpensive, despite being so strong and versatile. Our custom cotton tote bags, can easily be used as a shopping bag, a laptop bag, a beach bag, a book bag and more. With the durability of cotton, they can carry it all.

Stay Relevant to Today’s Customers

In today’s world, more and more people are looking to make eco-friendly changes every day. People are taking numerous efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by doing things like driving less, unplugging devices, eating less meat, or carrying reusable cotton bags. Research shows that 31% of U.S. consumers own a promotional bag, and these gifts are responsible for more brand impressions than any other promotional product in the U.S. When you choose to hand out promotional cotton tote bags, you’re choosing an item that not only fits people’s lifestyles today but will prove useful again and again—both for them and for you.

Plastic bag bans are spreading in grocery stores and retailers across the United States. Along with being better for the environment, these bans have also created an excellent branding opportunity for business just like yours. You don’t have to be a retailer to equip your customers and employees with cotton grocery bags they can use during their next store run. (Although if you are, that’s even better!) With their large and noticeable imprint area, these bags will get your brand logo seen by new audiences all the time.

Cotton Totes Are A Great Investment

They’ll be effective in winning over prospects, too. A reported 55% of people had done business with an advertiser before receiving a promotional product. After receiving a promo product, that number jumps to 85% of people. Promotional products create a more favorable impression of the advertising brand a majority of the time. You have nothing to lose and many more customers to gain.

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