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Custom Sports Gifts

Order your custom sports gifts for fundraisers, health fairs and charity events, or for team-building activities like a corporate field day or company picnic.

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Shop Promotional Gym and Fitness Items

Flex your marketing muscle and build up your brand with personalized fitness gifts from Myron. Fun, useful and long lasting, these products will make your next promotion or event more impactful.

Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts

Customers, employees and prospects will appreciate these items, and put them to good use. If you’re looking for a small gesture that shows employees you care about their health and well-being, or an affordable gift that makes customers appreciate your brand a bit more, then you’ve found it. With our custom fitness gifts you’ll be building better brand recognition and better loyalty just like that.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

These aren’t like custom pens, promotional mugs, or personalized t-shirts—although those gifts are highly effective—these promo items are more unique. They will help your brand stand out in a crowded room of trade show attendees or convention goers. With our personalized fitness gifts, you will be the table that customers and prospective customers flock to, and the company that people remember well into the future.

Show Appreciation and Fuel Customer Loyalty

For gyms, fitness centers, physical training programs, or anything of the like, these gifts are the perfect way to engage clients. Custom wristbands make a wonderful welcome gift for new members. Custom stretch bands are a great way to add incentive to your sign-up offer, as well. For yoga studios, custom mats can be used as a giveaway or as branded equipment to use inside your studio.

Gifts like these add value for customers. People today aren’t just looking for a good deal, or a quality product or service; they want exceptional customer service, ultimate convenience and a meaningful brand interaction too. Adding value with promo gifts like these helps you show customers and clients that you value them and that you care.

Empower Your Fundraising Efforts

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser for your company, social organization or a charity of your choice, these gifts can help you meet your goals. Use them as a reward for participants who raise a certain amount. Custom jump ropes are a fun incentive, especially for younger group members, while a custom activity tracker may serve to motivate an older audience. These gifts also make excellent giveaways at a charity walk or marathon.

Whenever you choose a custom fitness gift from Myron, know you will have an item that leaves your audience impressed. We have over 70 years of experience helping business connect with their intended audience and improve their overall brand awareness, impact and loyalty. Order your personalized gifts today, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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