• Dated Buying Guide


In the modern digital world, where attention spans are limited and entire lives revolve around smart phones, calendars and planners still manage to hold their own as mighty promotional products. The success of a promotional product can be measured through impressions over the lifetime of that item. Dated items, then, have a year to prove their worth which they more than justify. A whopping 62% of consumers own them and they are quite inexpensive to purchase while still offering multiple impressions daily. This makes calendars and planners highly coveted custom gifts for companies to give out to employees and customers.


The beauty of dated items like calendars and planners is in their purpose. They are used every day all year long—and with them, your logo and brand can get meaningful exposure every day all year long. Besides that, there are several other factors that make them a smart choice for companies.


Everyone can use a calendar or planner. Even with computers and smart devices, many people still rely on physical calendars for a quick and easy reminder of the date; and they still use planners to jot down important information. Dated items are essential in an office or home. Whether your gift allows users to see their week or their entire month at a glance, it will effectively help them stay organized and keep their schedules on track.

Multiple products can be used together

Your customer could have wall calendars in several rooms, a desk calendar on any surface and a pocket planner in their everyday bag. It's not uncommon for one consumer to make use of multiple dated items simultaneously, increasing your logo exposure and making this a smart addition to your marketing strategy.


Dated items are inexpensive promotional products that offer year-long advertising and many impressions. It is a once-a-year investment that costs a few pennies (if not less) a day. Consider how much it would cost to run television ad or social media campaign for an entire year.

Continuous Visibility

Designed for daily use, your promotional calendar and planner works for you 365 days a year and keeps your business at the forefront of your customers' minds for that time too. You can be sure your custom wall or desk calendar will occupy a space where the days and dates are easy to spot, so your business logo and information will always be highly accessible. Your brand will be reinforced multiple times a day.


Dated items are relevant to every industry, occasion and audience demographic. They're essential in both offices and homes and can be used by anyone.

Aesthetic Appeal

Part dated item and part art work, calendars are equally useful and attractive. Wall calendars offer a wide range of imagery showcasing everything from scenic views around the world to adorable baby animals or breathtaking nature shots. Your gift can bring a splash of beauty to a room and offer a window of escape from mundane life.

Easy to distribute

When picking a promotional product it's good to think about how you want to give it away to your customers or employees. Dated items are lightweight and extremely portable. They can be handed out to prospects at fairs and tradeshows or to customers as they come into your store. They are also easily mailed and that makes them very convenient for any business.

High Scope for Customization

In most cases, you have the capability to customize your calendar twice over. Not only do you get the advantage of a generous imprint area to sport your logo, you can also choose artwork that's specific to your industry or your customers’ interests. For instance, if you are a veterinarian, you could give out calendars with cute puppies on it, or if you curate events for car enthusiasts you might choose a calendar with pictures of classic automobiles. Moreover, there are some calendars where you can even pick your own images as artwork. This degree of personalization makes sure that your promotional products are retained longer by your intended recipient.


Calendars and planners are perhaps the oldest and most effective promotional products in the industry. They combine form with function and offer the most bang for your buck. Here are a few numbers that prove just how popular they really are:

  • 52% of promotional calendars are kept by the recipient for 1 year or more.
  • 62% of consumers own promotional calendars.
  • The average promotional calendar has 850 impressions in its lifetime.
  • A promo calendar that costs 3 dollars will offer you a CPI of only 3/10 of a cent per impression.
  • 31% of Millennials and Gen X’ers use their promo calendars on a daily basis.
  • More women (37%) than men (20%) consult promo calendars on a daily basis.


There are various types of calendars and planners at Myron you can choose from:

Wall Calendars

With wall calendars, the dated pages may change from month to month but your company’s logo remains front and center all year. You can choose from themed personalized wall calendars with wildlife, cars, landscapes, pets and more. You can also find wall calendars with inspirational or spiritual quotes that relate to your organization's message and instill a sense of calm in your customers. With Myron, you even have the option to curate a unique selection of images or use your own.

Pocket Calendars

The greatest advantage of the pocket calendar lies in its sleek and compact design. This portable organizational tool easily fits into most pockets, briefcases and purses so it's ideal for users on the go. We have a variety of designs and features at Myron that will fit every need and budget. Some of our pocket calendars even come with their own pen or sticky notes.

Desk Calendars

These occupy prime real estate on a customer's desk and can therefore serve as constant reminders of your brand. Your logo and contact information are sure to be noticed every time anyone glances at the desk calendar or pad.

Monthly Planners

The easy-to-use monthly format of these planners will help customers and employees stay organized. Most of our designs span 14 months so users can get ahead with a little extra planning. All the planners have the major holidays marked and offer plenty of space for your customers to add important dates of their own. With themes ranging from academic, teamwork, patriotic and more, Myron offers planners that are suited for every organization.

Executive Desk Planners

These regal looking promo products are more luxury gift than souvenir and are an impressive way to help top executives keep track of busy schedules. We have some handsome leather-bound options which would be seamless representatives of your company.

Gift Boxes & Refills for Calendars

At Myron, we understand that the presentation matters just as much as the gift. And for that reason, we have gift boxes and envelopes so that your calendars and planners are received in the pomp and splendor that they were meant to.
We also offer blank notebook refills for our pocket calendars to increase their convenience.

Who are calendars and planners most useful for?

Promotional products like calendars and planners are valuable tools in a marketer’s arsenal They offer latent impressions over a year as they expose current and potential customers to your brand. Dated items work well for all businesses and corporate gifting occasions.


Calendars can be modified to specific themes and would be beneficial as a giveaway for any event. If at a car show or travel fair, for instance, you could choose a car or destination-themed calendar with beautiful images that will resonate with the audience. At a tradeshow or conference, pocket calendars make convenient souvenirs that can be easily carried by the attendee in a swag bag.

Small Business

Calendars can help small businesses stay connected to customers year-round, while at the same time serving as a powerful introduction to prospects. They're lightweight and easy to give away either in store or via the mail, and work wonderfully in offering maximum exposure and impressions at a minimal cost.

Corporate Offices & Sales Leads

Dated items offer companies more control in their marketing plan for growth. They are a one-time purchase that works for an entire year. You can send current customers and prospects calendars or planners to drive sales and referrals. Moreover, items like wall calendars are seen by your customer and everyone who interacts with their work/personal space.
For instance, by giving expensive executive planners to partners and investors, you might cement your existing relationships and secure long-term loyalty. By sending desk planners with pictures of your new line of products you can make clients aware of your company’s capabilities.


Planners and calendars work in a two-fold capacity for HR departments. They help show employees that management appreciates them but also achieves the task of keeping them organized at all times. Calendars in offices showcase the office brand. Planners can work wonderfully to welcome new employees and also serve as terrific gifts during office competitions. Whether your team is coming on-site or working from home, a custom desk calendar can be a great way for them to remember important dates and feel like they are a connected to one another.


Different materials require different imprint types, each of which have their own advantages. We can help you select the ideal method based on what works best for your gift and your business needs.

Foil Stamped Imprint

Foil stamping uses metallic foil rather than ink to create colored designs on stationery. This gives your gift a rich and luxe looking finish.
The design to be rendered in foil is etched onto a metal die. The die is heated up, and the foil is placed between the die and the surface of the paper or other material to be stamped. When the die is applied to the surface, the foil bonds to the surface, producing the metallic effect.

Digital Print

You'll get a high-quality imprint at an affordable price point when choosing digital. It's one of the least expensive and most common printing options.
Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. It is similar to what you would do in your office or home. It uses four colors of ink to create intricate designs and lettering, applied in small dots. Digital printing machines do not require printing plates. Instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, digital printing presses print the image directly onto the surface of your choice.

Full Color

This is a beautiful way to make sure your imprint stands out.
Instead of one single ink, with this technique we use four colors CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) for the imprint. This way it gets printed like a photograph would. The end result is more possibilities and more vibrant colors for your artwork, so you'll have a gift that makes more of an impact on your customer.


We understand that the internet is at your fingertips and you could purchase your promotional calendars and planners anywhere. Here’s why you should buy from us:


We appreciate our customers for trusting us with your customers and pledge to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We have a trained set of customer representatives who ensure they take your order and get you all the information you need. Our in-house designers can personalize your branded apparel quickly and professionally using a range of imprinting processes. Using our online design tool, simply upload and fine-tune your message or request assistance, and our artists will work with you to develop a logo that represents your voice and vision. We understand that time is of the essence and deliver the product in a timely manner. Furthermore, if you don’t see the product you are looking for, our custom sourcing desk will be happy to find it for you.


Get what you pay for is an old adage but at Myron, you get a whole lot more. While we don’t believe in compromising quality for a cheaper price, we still keep our customer’s budgets in mind. Our prices are fair and our minimums are low. We offer a loyalty program so that you can buy your products regularly and we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


As our QA Director says, Myron offers ‘high quality at every budget’. Our wide selection is equipped to meet a variety of needs at any price point, and every T-Shirt, Polo, Sweatshirt, and Cap is put through the same rigorous QA process so that you are never disappointed. With Myron, there is no risk. We believe in our products, our people, our resources and our customers completely. If you are unsatisfied with your garment purchase for any reason, we will replace it or give you a full refund.


At Myron, we pride ourselves on excellence and walk the line between classic favorites and emerging trends. Our products are carefully picked and researched and then offered to the customer. We have certain products that are unique to only us and have been designed especially for you. We know that certain gift items are sure-shot hits but always have our ear to the ground for new ways to be better. Our goal is to make your business visible and every day strive to innovate and achieve that for you.