• Our Drinkware Buying Guide


Drinkware is fast becoming one of the best ways to promote your brand. Consumers love the functionality and convenience and companies love their logo’s exposure being optimized. Drinkware is also a universal promotional product that is used every day and unlike a business card, isn’t thrown away. Your one-time purchase of a logoed drinkware is used 2-3 times a week which makes it a bargain and a smart marketing instrument.


Drinkware is versatile and diverse and there is a cup, mug, bottle, and tumbler for every need and occasion.

Small Businesses

Drinkware offers a big bang for your buck. It is a cheaper option that is effective and delivers your logo and company’s presence to your customer with ease. A promotional product is as good as its connection with the target audience and drinkware has universal appeal. Moreover, most people tend to use it every day making it an important marketing tool.


Whether you are trying to impress a potential client or trying to stay relevant to a current vendor – the right drinkware can be a subtle reminder that your company is here to stay. A good quality mug with your company’s logo is more likely to sit on your customer or partner’s desk longer than any other item and will probably be used more, too.


Be it a souvenir at a trade-show or a memento from a football game, drinkware items have long-lasting brand recall and great potential to be customized. This lends itself beautifully to the event industry, where you can capture the spirit and theme of your party, conference, show or game. Whether your event is in the desert or in an icy city, drinkware has a selection that is pertinent for you.

HR Personnel

Drinkware is a great gift to give your employees to make them feel like they are all part of a team. Promoting yourself to your employees and boosting morale is also important and a good gift helps with that. Whether you give them travel mugs or sports bottles, drinkware are coveted swags by your staff and therefore used often and are appreciated, creating a sense of unity and goodwill. They serve as great tokens during onboarding or even as prizes for friendly office competitions.

Corporate Officces

If you have been given the task of getting your client roster a great giveaway that bears your company logo, look no further. Drinkware is popular and pertinent and is a surefire way to impress your boss. It can serve as thank you gift-baskets or be great keepsakes to give clients who come into the office. These promotional gifts become more than knick-knacks because of their functionality. They could travel everywhere with your client, sporting your company logo the whole time.


Recent studies have shown that drinkware is perhaps one of the most successful promotional products across industries and audience groups. Every sip in that glass, mug, bottle or tumbler increases the chance of your company name and identity being remembered. The statistics on how many people own promotional drinkware and connect to it are powerful. Consider the average cost per impression as well, and there's more than enough reason to use drinkware as a marketing tool

  • 78% of Consumers Own Promotional Drinkware
  • 87% of Baby Boomers Own Promotional Drinkware
  • 71% of Gen X’ers Are More Likely to Do Business with Advertisers Who Gave Them Promotional Drinkware
  • Promotional Drinkware is Kept for an Average of 12 Months
  • Promotional Drinkware Will Generate 1,400 Impressions During Its Lifetime
  • Promotional Drinkware That Costs $7 Will Have a Cost Per Impression (CPI) Under ½ of a Cent


Myron offers a wide array of drinkware that spans every material and for every type of drink. We have tumblers and bottles for people on the move, durable ceramic mugs for the home and office, and even plastic cups for events. Some drinkware keeps the temperature of the drink hot while some keep it cool, and then there are some which are multifunctional enough to do both. Whatever your beverage-based needs are - Myron has the drinkware for you.

Mugs The classic souvenir that hits a home-run every time it is purchased. Almost everyone enjoys a hot beverage a few times a day and the mug is not just a great utensil but is also an ideal item to display your business logo. It can be bright and can feature the colors that represent your company or event. You can go for a classic Ceramic Mug with its beautiful sturdy handle or the roomy Campfire Mug, perfect for the great outdoors. We also have a selection of Spooner Mugs that come with a spoon and are delightfully self-suffi cient.

Travel Mugs & Tumblers With the world leaning towards more sustainable living, travel drinkware has become a popular trend. It is also more economical to carry your own beverage and so everyone leaves the house in the morning armed with their own travel mug/tumbler fi lled with coffee. This gives you the chance to be the logo on their journey to work and back. The Vacuum Insulated Mugs & Tumblers can keep your green tea as piping hot as it was when you poured it in or keep your cold brew as icy as you like it. The Plastic ones are perfect for warm summers and some of them even have straws. The Stainless Steel options are hardy and even great for camping or trekking.

Sports & Water Bottles Human beings need a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. And what better way to promote your brand than have them think of you every time they are getting hydrated? These bottles are great to have at home or offi ce but are also great to have on the move. The Vacuum Insulated bottles keep your beverage of choice at the temperature of your choice. The Plastic Bottles are light and easy ways for you to make sure you have water with you always. The Metal ones are tough and can withstand a few bumps and jerks without any spillage. For the gym-fanatics, the Shaker provides dual purpose. It not just carries your protein shake but can also mix it for you.

Koozies No one likes the condensation of icy drinks on their hands. Koozies are can and bottle covers to keep your beverage cool and your hands dry. These brightly colored accessories are great to customize with your logo because the customer is probably having a good time when they are using it and therefore will transfer the same warm and fuzzy feeling to their association with your logo.

Barware & Accessories This category may not seem universal or as cheap as some other drinkware but by that same reasoning are something most clients and customers will appreciate greatly. Wine and Cocktail Glasses are ideal for celebrating special employees, wowing top-tier clients or commemorating company events. As a result, they will be kept and used multiple times and with it your logo will be viewed multiple times. Beer Mugs and Steins are great for Oktoberfest-themed events or even games or sports nights. Bar accessories and coasters are perfect for corporate gifting and make for sophisticated hampers. Bottle Openers are handy at home and great at outdoor events.

Plastic Cups These are perfect for all events. They are cheap and colorful and are great trade show giveaways or party favors. Acrylic Cups with Straws are desirable promotional merch and Stadium Cups are super stylish ways to make sure your logo is fl ashed everywhere. They are great for outdoor events but also for corporate conferences or company retreats.


Not all imprinting methods are created equally and each one of them is best suited for different effects. At Myron, we carefully consider the material of your promotional drinkware and what result you want to achieve and then use the imprint method best suited for your project.

Screen Printing:
This allows the most creative freedom and is the best way to capture your design’s colors onto a drinkware product. A negative of your graphic is printed on a screen and ink is rolled over it and only the areas that need to be get colored. The rest of the ink slips away. The product is kept for drying and the imprint sets. This is a very popular method for promotional drinkware given how it makes mugs, glasses, and tumblers more customizable with colorful imprints.

Laser Engraving:
If you need a more permanent imprint option then laser engraving is your best bet. It uses a fast-pulsating laser to directly sculpt into the material and leave behind a design. With this method, your graphic gets etched onto the surface instead of being transferred by ink and works best with transparent glass and stainless steel. It is a flexible method and allows us to easily replicate any logo or imprint design.

Pad Printing:
In this process, a pad is pressed onto the drinkware product with a special ink applied to it and then allowed to dry. The image or logo is transferred onto the pad in the same way that an offset press would work. However, instead of transferring the ink to paper, it transfers it to the rubber or plastic pad that gets pressed onto your piece of drinkware. This method is ideal for drinkware products since they are curved because the process takes place under pressure and the transfer is made through a flexible pad. With this method it is possible to have an art print with several different colors.

Full Color:
A technique where instead of a single ink used, we use four colors CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) for the imprint. This way it gets printed like a photograph would rather than each ink color being printed. This ensures limitless possibilities for the artwork and the colors are more vibrant and therefore create more of an impression for your customer.

This process involves stickers being created with a transparent coat on it and then being placed on the drinkware. This process starts with the creation of the artwork, and it is made into an adhesive decal, and for 90 minutes goes through the drying process. After drying, it is applied to your drinkware products/accessories and is enhanced using an ultraviolet light for a better finish. The advantage of this printing method is that it is possible to have a fully personalized engraving according to the all the colors needed.

Another technique that you can use to get your logo or graphic printed on your product is sublimation. It works wonderfully for full photo graphics and other colorful pictures and is mostly used on ceramic mugs. This is a great way to create custom drinkware that looks like it was made specifically for that product. It involves a special non-liquid ink, being printed on a dye sub paper that is applied on the outside of the product and then heat pressed onto the item to make it permanent.

PRO TIP: Unless you get the Laser Engraving, we recommend handwashing all drinkware products to elongate the life of the imprint.


Not all imprinting methods are created equally and each one of them is best suited for different effects. At Myron, we carefully consider the material of your promotional drinkware and what result you want to achieve and then use the imprint method best suited for your project.


We appreciate our customers for trusting us with your customers and pledge to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We have a trained set of customer representatives who ensure they take your order and get you all the information you need. Our in-house designers can personalize your custom drinkware quickly and professionally using a wide range of imprinting processes. Using our online design tool, simply upload and fine-tune your message or request assistance, and our artists will work with you to develop a logo that represents your voice and vision. We understand that time is of the essence and deliver the product in a timely manner. Furthermore, if you don’t see the product, you are looking for, our custom sourcing desk will be happy to find it for you.


You get what you pay for is an old adage but at Myron you get a whole lot more. While we don’t believe in compromising quality for a cheaper price, we still keep our customer’s budget in mind. Our prices are fair and our minimums are low. We offer a loyalty program so that you can buy your products regularly and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


As our QA Director says, Myron offers ‘high quality at every budget’. Our wide selection anticipates a variety of needs and budgets, but every glass, bottle or mug - from the Himalayan Tumbler to our Sports Bottles – is put through the same rigorous QA process so that you are never disappointed. With Myron, there is no risk. We believe in our products, our people, our resources, AND our customers completely. If you are unsatisfied with your drinkware purchase for any reason, we will replace it or give you a full refund.


At Myron, we pride ourselves on excellence and walk the line between classic favorites and emerging trends. Our products are carefully picked and researched and then offered to the customer. Our flagship products are unique to only us and have been designed especially for you. We know that certain gift items are sure-shot hits but always have our ear to the ground for new ways to be better. Our goal is to make your business visible and every day strive to innovate and achieve that for you.