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COVID-19 Update from your Myron Team

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Health & Safety
In the wake of the coronavirus, it couldn’t be more important to take health and safety precautions both at home and in the workplace. Branded hand sanitizers, face masks and other new essentials can help you protect your customers and your family.
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The COVD-19 pandemic has placed health and safety concerns at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. You can offer customers and employees some peace of mind with these emergency essentials.

These are timely items that will effectively meet customers’ needs and remind them that your brand cares. They’ll also make it easier to stay connected with the audiences you’ve worked so hard to build. Myron can provide you with quarantine essentials for those at home and personal protective equipment for those who are still on the job. While you’re strategizing new and impactful ways to help your business survive this pandemic, know that the gifts on this page will be a wonderful complement to anything you come up with.

Create Safer Workplaces

Whether you’re an essential business that’s been able to remain open or a non-essential planning to reopen your doors soon, customers and employees want to know that your place of business safe.

With personal protective equipment, or PPE, from Myron, you can show them that. Order face masks to be given to your staff or to customers who come in. We have a wide range of styles available, including reusable masks—which can be washed and reused day after day—and disposable ones. All of our styles effectively cover the nose, mouth and chin to keep germs from spreading. Some of them can even be personalized to create a useful gift for employees or customers.

Stock up on cleaning products to keep germs and bacteria at bay in your office, storefront, or restaurant. It’s recommended that you clean your place of business more frequently and more thoroughly than before in order to reduce the spread of virus, so a healthy stock of cleaning supplies is a must.

Personalized mini hand sanitizers can help your employees stay safe, too. Not every employee is able to get to a sink and wash their hands frequently during the day. Your hand sanitizer gift will play a big part in keeping them healthy. The hand sanitizer products at Myron include at least 60% alcohol, which is the CDC’s recommended minimum amount in order for the product to be effective against germs and viruses.

Personal protective equipment in healthcare has been a major topic of discussion since the onset of COVID-19. The medical professionals in our hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and care facilities are on the front lines and need to be protected. Whether you’re looking to use to use your PPE in healthcare or corporate settings, you’ll find what you need in this selection.

Keep Customers and Employees Healthy at Home

Even with distance, this is a great time to deepen your connections with customers who are in home quarantine. Reach out to them via direct mail to keep them updated with your business and to show concern for their wellbeing. When you do, be sure to include a thoughtful gift that will make this time a little easier—personalized hand wipes are a great idea. Not only will they be useful in the fight against germs but your logo will be there to remind customers that you took the time to care. A good gift will help increase customer loyalty and drive people back into your business when you open up.

Make sure you don’t forget about employees who are working from home! Your communications with remote employees shouldn’t be just about work progress and deadlines. Show some empathy here, as well. You can send your employees a care package of essential quarantine items to help them get by. You might include a custom thermometer they can use to monitor their health, a custom tissue box—we are in allergy season after all—or a custom hand sanitizer so they can easily disinfect their hands whenever they go out to run errands.

They’ll appreciate the thought, no matter what you choose. Don’t wait. Order a useful gift for your employees or customers today.

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