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Our NEW Loyalty Program

Our customers are an important part of the Myron family—and after such a tough year, we wanted to do something special for you. That’s why we are introducing the MYREWARDS loyalty program. You earn rewards points, redeemable for cash, every time you shop with us.


No fees and No costs
Enrollment with purchase.

Shop and Earn:
Points for every
purchase you make.
$5 for every 100 points.

your Myrewards:

Use your
rewards as cash on any
future purchases.

Earning points is easy! Whenever you shop with Myron, you’ll get one point for every dollar spent.

In addition, we are giving you dollar for dollar bonus points based on all your paid purchases in 2020!

These bonus points will expire on March 1, 2021, so be sure to redeem them before that date. All new points earned beginning November 12, 2020 will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

To view your points totals at any time you can log into your Myron account.
The MYREWARDS program is completely free to all our loyal customers, but the more you shop with Myron, the greater your rewards will be.

Your points are just like cash. You’ll earn $5 for every 100 points earned, but there’s no minimum when redeeming your points—you can apply as few or as many as you’d like.

As an early MYREWARDS member, you can redeem your reward points at any time by contacting a Customer Loyalty Agent. These dedicated agents will be able to apply your points to a purchase and answer any questions you may have about your account or the program overall. Contact a Customer Loyalty Agent: 1-844-324-0533

Right now, the MYREWARDS loyalty program is only open to a select few, but when it opens to all Myron customers there will be even more rewards and more ways to earn points, like:

  • Earning reward points when you write a product review on Myron.com
  • Earning reward points when you refer a friend to purchase
  • Easier checkouts where you can redeem your points online
  • Free ground shipping for qualified MYREWARDS members

    ...and much more! Stay tuned for updates.

For questions or support, you can also email us at MYREWARDS@myron.com.