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Benefits of Running an Employee Health Fair

Health & Wellness events can have a huge impact on the overall health of the company. These events can offer free screenings, they can educate employees about information they haven't come across and get people engaged and active about maintaining their health.

Jenny Supple
Human Resources Manager

By raising awareness with health and wellness events throughout the year, companies can reduce absenteeism and related healthcare costs.

At this year's Health Fair, the theme was "Commit to Be Fit". The company offered free biometric screenings, health plan information, nutritional orientation and more.

To get everyone excited about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, water bottles and lunch bags imprinted with this year's message were given out to all who attended.

The health fair was just one of the many events planned for 2016 to encourage employees to maintain healthier lifestyles and create a workplace culture centered around optimal health.

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