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Multitask Your Way to the Top

Let your brand stand for problem-solving with highly coveted custom multi-tools from Myron. These handy tools are designed to manage two or more tasks with ease and will be valued by your clients and employees alike. From custom golf tools with key holders to combined flashlight power banks or tape measures united with levels, you are sure to find a combination that matches your marketing scheme and budget. Explore our collection of multifunction tools, pocket knives, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and more.

Multiply Your Brand Exposure with Custom Tool Kits

You want your brand to stand out when it matters most. With Myron’s custom tool kits, your logo will be front and center when functionality calls. These multi-purpose tool kits have no shortage of uses, from car repair and home improvement projects to yard work and everyday chores—whatever the task, your brand will make a big impression for months and years to come. Shop our selection of promotional tool kits and design your own today.

Promote your Business with Custom Screwdrivers

Try something new for your next promotional product giveaway: custom screwdrivers from Myron! These functional and convenient tools make amazing brand builders at trade shows and corporate events. Containing multiple flat-head and Phillips tips, these compact sets are a smart budget choice with a long marketing shelf life. Shop and customize our promotional screwdrivers below, and be sure to browse our amazing collection of tools, including pocket knives, garden tools, and measuring tape!

Tighten Up Your Branding with Custom Screwdrivers

On average, consumers keep promotional items for 8 months. That’s a great deal of brand exposure for one product. Small screwdrivers are the kind of tool people keep for a long time. They’re easy to stow and serve a wide array of functions. The more your customers use your promotional screwdriver, the more they’ll associate your brand with dependability and versatility. It’s valuable market reach that you pay for once and enjoy for years after.

If you work in construction or engineering, or any industry that requires tools, promotional screwdrivers are the perfect employee gift. People who build or repair thins for living can never have enough gadgets at their disposal, especially the kind that are compact and functional. Custom screwdrivers are the perfect gift for new hires. Whether they’re maintenance employees taking care of your office or carpenters doing contract work on an important new project, start them off on the right foot with a custom screwdriver complete with your company logo.