Customer reviews

July 2021

"My company, Ocean State Scale & Balance, has used Myron pens for about five years.

We get compliments from all our customers. It's a great way to make a good impression and get your name out there. Nice meeting you, please accept one of my pens! Great way to end a sales meeting or technical consulation."

Jay Gibbs, Business Owner

April 2021

"Myron is an excellent resource for personalized items.

My company has been buying from them for many years. They have always exceeded our expectations with excellent customer service and great finished products. Pens, mugs, are great!"

Greg Robb, Business Owner

July 2021

"Great products excellent service, good people.

Thank you for being such great partners in promoting my business."

Orla Kernaghan

July 2021

"Excellent company to deal with.

Products are very good useful. Customer service is excellent. I recommend Myron."

Christopher Lewis

The Myron Promise

When Mike and Elaine Adler started a small calendar business in their garage, they were just two young newlyweds who wanted to build something for their family. They couldn’t have imagined it would go this far. That little calendar business expanded to include many more products and a lot more family members. That’s how Myron was born. 70 years later, with their son Jim as the CEO, we’re still a family business at heart. When you choose Myron, know that we’ll support you just like family would.

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Do You Know Why Promotional Products Work?

They engage customers one-to-one allowing them to connect with your brand in a tangible way. They can also serve a need and work to remind customers of your utility in their everyday lives. This type of a physical representation of your brand and its message will always be effective.

Our Products Give You Increased Exposure Over a Longer Period of Time.

A radio or television spot may be 60-seconds long at most, and an online ad could easily be overlooked or ignored, but promotional gifts are used again and again. 60% of customers who receive a branded gift tend to keep those promotional items with them for up to two years. This means our products will get your brand logo in front of existing and prospective customers regularly. All of that exposure will lead to an increase in brand recognition as well. 89% of consumers who receive promotional items with logo can recall the advertiser as long as two years after receiving the product. Simply put, there’s no better way to introduce your brand to new customers.

They’re Low-Cost and High-Impact.

Your custom swag will go a long way for your brand, increasing recognition and customer appreciation with ease. At Myron, you can purchase wholesale promotional products that are always top quality. We have premium products in every category: pens, pencils, bags, mugs, apparel, planners, stationery, trendy tech items and more! Whatever is most relevant to your brand, whatever you know your customers will love, we have it here. You can leave a long-lasting impression on attendees at your next company event or trade show with business promotional items that are unforgettable and highly useful.

Trust In Our Expertise

Beyond just knowing why custom promotional products work, we know what works. We have over 70 years of experience in the business of helping businesses just like yours. Our inventory is large and wide-ranging—and our account managers are specially equipped to help you choose a gift that will have the best possible impact on your audience and your marketing efforts. We’re more than just powerful products at Myron, we’re thoughtful, personalized service, too.

We’ll even let you try several items at no minimum quantity, so you can see and feel the product in-person without committing to a larger order. Our Try Us program is the only one to offer free shipping on eligible items, high-quality products, and a special discount on your subsequent order.

Need it fast? We have a large number of 24-hour rush items available too. We can personalize and ship them within 24 hours to make sure you get what you need in time for your event.

We’re here to help you grow your business and achieve the success you desire. With Myron, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.