Custom Wall Calendars

If you decide to select a wall calendar as a promotional item, you are sure to inspire customers, business partners and employees alike with this practical gift idea. Custom wall calendars enhance any office, workshop or breakroom. Your company's products and services will be seen in a positive light 365 days a year if you personalize promotional calendars with your unique company logo. Simply select the appropriate calendar from our wide range of products and start personalising it today!

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Choosing the Right Promotional Wall Calendar

Many other promotional items (i.e. umbrellas or drinking bottles with logos) are attractive and have a certain added value. However, they aren't used by their recipients every day. A calendar can be found on the wall of its recipient's home or office year-round and helps them to organize their leisure time or everyday working life.

One huge advantage of wall calendars as promotional items is that they can be given away for different advertising purposes. Customers, business partners or employees will love this practical gift that helps them coordinate appointments month after month and organise everyday life at the office or during leisure time.

Because calendars hang on the recipient’s wall for at least a year, an especially long-term advertising effect is guaranteed. Due to their strong, long-lasting advertising effect, wall calendars are rightly regarded as a popular advertising classic and are often given out as promotional gifts by companies at the turn of the year. In addition, promotional calendars are comparatively inexpensive promotional items.

The professional personalisation of a wall calendar with your company logo turns a simple calendar into an attractive, useful, and inexpensive promotional gift for all target groups.

Ordering Promotional Wall Calendars in Bulk?

If you're looking for a bulk order of promotional wall calendars or could just use some help from professionals, Myron's team of promotional product experts can assist. With so many options to choose from in both the type of calendar and design options, we're here to help make sure that these calendars will keep your brand top-of-mind throughout the year. Contact Myron with your questions and we can help find just the right solution by emailing us at