Branded Umbrellas

Corporate umbrellas are one of the most effective promotional items you can buy – with the huge space for a logo and branding it helps your messaging reach a new audience with every use. Promotional umbrellas are a great business gift for your employees, customers and clients. These gifts will help increase motivation in the office and increase customer and client retention.

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Personalized Umbrellas With Your Custom Logo

Each of our branded umbrellas comes at an affordable price, and with the extensive use your employees, customers and clients will get from their umbrella, this is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use. We have an extensive range of corporate umbrellas, with different designs and colours available so you can choose one depending on the intended use and the style you want to go for. We have classic umbrellas, pocket umbrellas, automatic umbrellas and more. You can find out more about the customization options for our promotional umbrellas with logos from our specialist team.

With personalized umbrellas you can show customers and employees that yours is a business they can trust. Give your umbrellas to customers as a gift with purchases; hand them out at events to make a great first impression on prospects; or give these custom business gifts to employees to show your appreciation. It’s useful products like these that show customers you care about them.

Ordering Custom Umbrellas in Bulk?

We offer custom umbrellas wholesale in a variety of styles and colors. Our selection includes compact styles that easily fit into a bag when traveling, and larger umbrellas that open wide enough to cover more than one person at a time. We even have custom inverted umbrellas, designed specifically not to drip onto users when they close the canopy. Whatever style you choose, we will add your custom imprint to make it complete. Order personalized umbrellas in bulk from Myron to get more impact for your money.

Not sure what to choose for your team or clients? Contact Myron with your questions and we can help find just the right solution by emailing us at