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Promotional Apparel and Customized Accessories

Whether you’re planning for your next tradeshow or you’re looking to reward your team with fun and stylish promotional product gifts, you can’t go wrong with promotional apparel. Stand out from the crowd with Myron’s wide range of promotional clothing, corporate gifts, and accessories.

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Add Your Company Logo to Custom Apparel

Add your company logo to any of the custom apparel items available and watch as your customers and team wear your logo with pride. Screen-printed t-shirts can make a great giveaway, and items like branded hats and outwear can be a great way to show your team you care.

In the world of promotional products, it has been fairly common to consider t-shirts for giveaways and trade shows, but consider your audience. While screen-printed t-shirts are still valued, consider other options to either p air with t-shirts or stand out from the crowd. Give your customers and your team promotional apparel that they will proudly wear while growing your brand visibility.