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Custom Pen Gift Boxes and Refills

A classic writing tool with a bit of modern appeal—that’s what you get when you choose a twist action pen. This is one small giveaway that truly reaches your customers and prospects every day.

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Pen Slide Gift Box
Single Deluxe Pen Gift Box
Pen Box- Silver
Pen Box- Gold
Personalized Metal Pen Tube Gift Box
Patriotic Pen Sleeve
Pen Sleeve White with Red Bow
Metal Pen Tube Gift Box
Slide Gift Box for Pen Sets

Personalized Pen Gift Sets

Your top performing employees, executives and special clients deserve a business gift that’s unlike the rest. They should have something that accurately represents how hard they’ve worked and how much you appreciate it. Not only that, they should have an item that reminds them every day that they are valued. That’s where a high-end personalized pen set comes in. This is an ideal gift for those times when you need to make an extra special show of appreciation.

We work hard to make sure you always have everything you need when it comes to corporate gifts. That’s why the pen and pencil sets in this selection offer premium quality that will impress any recipient. Beautiful brass, intricate details, sophisticated accents and padded gift boxes. You’ll find all of that and more when you choose a pen gift set from Myron.

Of course, an engraved pen set should be exceptional. This is not your everyday promotional giveaway, after all. These presentation pen sets are the items you choose when you are really looking to honor the people who help you achieve success.

Pen gift set as a token of appreciation

As you’re preparing to celebrate your employees at the next corporate banquet, choose an elite gift, like a Waterman pen set. Imagine how they’ll feel being rewarded with a pen that has 23K gold trim. When you bring on a new client and want to thank them for their business, an embossing pen set is an excellent way to go. It’s just the type of elegant giveaway that assures someone they made the right choice. Commemorate an anniversary, highlight an achievement or celebrate a promotion. Whatever your special occasion is, we have the perfect pen for gift giving that wows. Whenever an employee picks up this beautiful gift to write a note or sign off on an important document, they will know without a doubt that your company values quality and your company values them.

Once you select a pen, your gift can be personalized with our laser engraved processing so your special message of gratitude never fades away. With Myron, you can always feel confident that you have the perfect custom gift. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee makes sure of it.