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Indulge Your Clients and Promote Your Brand

Pamper your employees and clients with customized personal care items to show you understand that it’s the little things in life that matter the most. From vanity mirrors and emery boards to manicure sets, tissues and purse hooks, these budget-friendly products will be gladly received and truly appreciated. Explore our personal care options and don’t forget to browse our lip balm, hand sanitizer and sunscreen collections, too.

Whether you need 12 pieces or 2500, Myron can pad print, digital print or screen print your personal care item selection and ship it to you quickly. Simply upload your company information using our online design tool, and your job is done. If you need a logo, in-house artists can help you create one. Great for health fairs, seminars, and trade shows, our personal care products are intrinsically useful which increases their longevity and your brand’s visibility.

All of Myron’s personal care items are compact and portable, and can live easily in briefcases, purses, suitcases and cars. Our keychain manicure set, for example, is perfect for families on the go, while our compact sound machine will help your clients sleep both at home and on the road. Interested in stress release? Take a look at our handheld massager or extendable back scratcher. Your customers will love that you care about their comfort and health. Shop our personal care collection today for your next marketing campaign.

Let Your Brand Shine with Custom Sunscreen

Did you know that 82% of U.S. consumers can immediately remember the advertiser’s name on the safety product they own? Custom sunscreen from Myron is a smart marketing choice for every company or corporate event. Imagine your name saving the day at the beach, on the mountain or simply in the local park. Explore our great collection of SPF 15 or 30 sunscreen lotions, sprays, and sticks below.

Sunscreen is always a popular giveaway at trade shows and corporate events, and our convenient pouches, pen sprayers and balms are just the right size. Quickly personalize your selected sunscreen product using our online design tool by uploading your company name and logo. Our designers will walk your item through the printing process to ensure that the finished product you receive is perfect. And if you are interested in revising or creating a logo, Myron’s in-house artists are always standing by ready to help.

For over 60 years, Myron has sourced quality products to help your company grow. Plus, we back every item with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in each purchase. Whether you are interested in sunscreen, personal care products, hand sanitizers, or pedometers, we have the products which will resonate with your customers while matching your company budget and goals.

Prescribe a Healthy Dose of Brand Visibility with Custom Pill Boxes

Help your employees and clients keep one of the most important parts of their lives organized with custom pill boxes from Myron. These convenient containers segment the days, week, or month into miniature compartments so that vitamins and medicine can be quickly separated and labeled. Remembering to take the proper pill and the proper dose was never so easy. Your customers will thank you for this thoughtful gift that truly promotes their health. Browse our collection of pill boxes here, and be sure to check out our hot/cold gel packs and first aid collection, too.

Great for health and safety programs, wellness events, trade shows and office giveaways, personalized pill boxes are both compact and useful. And for consumers, usefulness is key. Did you know that 84% will keep an item that is practical? With Myron’s custom pill boxes your company name could be viewed daily for months or years for a small one-time cost. That is a smart marketing decision.