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In the world of ink pens, one stands out for its exceptionally smooth ink and modern-classic design: that’s the gel pen.
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Promotional Gel Pens with Your Custom Imprint

In the world of ink pens, one stands out for its exceptionally smooth ink and modern-classic design: that’s the gel pen. It will glide across paper effortlessly and leave behind a thick, dark ink that always shows up clearly. When you’re searching for a giveaway that customers can truly appreciate each day, promotional gel pens are an excellent choice.

They offer premium performance at any price point. Writing done with a gel pen tends to show up darker than it would with a traditional ballpoint pen. This is because the ink is thicker and more pigmented. Many gel inks are also water resistant, but at Myron we’ll do you one better: several of our custom gel pens are filled with anti-fraud ink. This type of ink has water, chemical and light resistance so it bonds to the paper permanently. As you can imagine, our anti-fraud pens are especially ideal in the finance, legal or medical industries. They make it so that signatures can’t be removed, checks can’t be washed and important documents stay secure.

Imprinted gel pens are great business tools too. You can order them for your office to keep employees supplied with everything they need to be productive; or you can hand them out at events to get your brand name traveling. Pens are one of the most swiped items in the world, so they typically circulate from one person to another before running dry. You can add your imprint knowing that people everywhere will be impressed with these custom gel ink pens. They’ll love the way they feel in hand, the way they write and the way they look!

Beyond performance, our smooth-writing gel ink business pens have style. With our selection, you’ll have no trouble finding an eye-catching design that fits your brand’s personality. We have classic cap-off styles along with click- or twist-retractable pens. Bright chrome accents and soft-touch finishes give you a gift with a sophisticated feel, while brightly-colored and transparent barrels provide a custom giveaway that’s fun and won’t be overlooked!

No matter your brand or your industry, personalized gel pens will help you get your message across. We can make your item perfect with our custom imprinting services and 100% satisfaction guarantee. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be proud to have these promotional products in your supply.

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