Promotional Items for Events

Make sure your events are unforgettable!

Companies put on many different events of varying sizes with different goals: from open houses for new customers to major appearances at trade shows, from series of seminars to the traditional annual party for employees. No matter what type of event you are planning, an appropriate promotional gift for your event will remain memorable in the eyes of the invitees for a long time to come. When you have the appropriate promotional item for your event, visitors are sure to remember your company for a long time.

For lectures or conferences, it is best to find promotional products that participants can use throughout the event, such as a bag for personal items at the start of the event or goodies distributed during breaks. Our Iridescent Notepad and Ballpoint Pen Set are great examples.

At events like trade shows, special events and charity events, you can be sure to get noticed with a small, individually designed promotional gift that you distribute to all visitors.

25 Products
Waterman Allure Rollerball Chrome CT
Chelsea II Chrome Keyring
Multi Key Bottle Opener Key Ring
3 Piece Bamboo Utensil Set In Travel Pouch
Custom Modern Stadium Seat
Sun Bum® 3 Oz. Cool Down Lotion
Titleist Pro V1X Golf Ball Half Dozen Std Serv
Jelly Jar Candle with Gold Lid
7 Function Iridescent Pen with Stylus
Sun Bum® 3 Oz. SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Rebel2 Inverted Umbrella
Martini Shaker
Custom BBQ 11 Piece Set
Team 365® Zone Performance Polo - Screen Print
Crowne Triple Function Pen
Celena Stylus Soft Touch Pen
Arden Stylus Iridescent Pen

The most original giveaways for fairs and events

Trade fairs and events are considered some of the most important communication tools in marketing. Hardly any other platform allows you to promote your company to potential customers and business partners in a friendly, informal setting and thus create relationships that can lead to success. Branded swag and promotional items for trade fairs and events are especially effective for this: With well-coordinated advertising materials, the people you meet and people interested in your company will be sure to remember you and your company for a long time to come.

At trade fairs, you can establish new contacts, maintain long-term business relationships and offer products and services to customers. They love to see products up close and get to know the people behind the company. Face-to-face communication allows you to address customers and interested business partners in a direct and individual manner. Personal relationships are built, maintained, and strengthened in a way that can lead to direct purchasing decisions or new contracts. The following event giveaways can add to a good stand:

Printed bottles

Water bottles with a printed message are a highly popular promotional gift. Things that people like to use on a regular basis effectively put your logo in sight and strengthen your brand awareness. Pacific 26 oz. Aluminum Sports Bottle has a capacity of 26oz, a screw cap, and a snap hook, making it easy to attach to bags or backpacks. It is a reliable companion for your (potential) customers even after the event.

Backpacks with your logo

Few visitors leave the event without catalogs or brochures. You should hand over information material in a tote bag or a drawstring bag so it can be comfortably carried home and doesn’t end up in the next bin. If the bag displays your logo, other participants will also become aware of your company.

Engraved ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens are one thing that is truly needed at every trade show by the hundreds. They are handy for completing forms, writing down contact details, and taking notes. Visitors to your stand will be pleased to have everything they need at their disposal. Use the pens specifically as promotional giveaways. Elegant and engraved with your lettering or logo, they ensure that your participation in trade shows is professional and brings joy to visitors in the long run even after the event has ended.

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