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Custom Bluetooth Speaker

Showcase your logo on custom Bluetooth speakers from Myron and turn up the volume on your brand.
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Custom Bluetooth Speakers Personalized with Your Logo

Showcase your logo on custom Bluetooth speakers from Myron and turn up the volume on your brand. These coveted products will have a long life with your clients and employees, who will use them at each subsequent event, party and gathering, which will increase your visibility with every tune played. You can design your own speaker below, —and don’t forget to explore the rest of our promotional tech products, including power banks, headphones and earbuds, and more.

Keep Your Brand Booming with Portable Speakers

Bluetooth technology is becoming more popular and more common in our everyday lives. It’s enabled us to have more flexibility and freedom in our media and entertainment options, and it has increased communication and productivity in the workplace. Chances are your employees use this technology at work every day, so why not show them the fun side of Bluetooth, as well? Myron has the best Bluetooth portable speakers out there, and they make great gifts for your workers, your clients, your vendors, and your partners.

Portable speakers have a lot of great features, but the best thing about them is their mobility. Small portable speakers can fit perfectly in any setting: In an office or den; on a boat or RV; in the garage; anywhere and everywhere else. When you imprint your logo or brand on Myron’s custom portable speakers, the market reach becomes invaluable. As far as promotional giveaways go, portable speakers give you a huge leg up. Think about your next conference or floor show: While your competitors are passing out standard office supplies and other common products, you can put wireless portable speakers on the table and watch as curious crowds gather to see what you have to offer. Set yourself apart with custom portable speakers from Myron.

How to create your own custom portable speaker

Upload your image (on select products) or e-mail your logo to our designers, and we’ll take it from there. From water-resistant speakers to mini sound Kubes, your logo will shine front and center with our professional printing services. With Myron’s selection of custom Bluetooth speakers, you get an in-demand giveaway at wholesale prices that will meet your marketing budget.

If you don’t have a specific logo or brand in mind, our designers can help you create one from the ground up. And if you’re nervous about how it might look, you can order a sample preview and see for yourself. It’s all part of Myron’s satisfaction guarantee. Once you feast your eyes the result, you can order the speakers in bulk and receive the perfect gifts for your next office holiday party or networking event.

Why is Myron the best place for custom promotional products?

With 67+ years of experience, Myron understands how to add value to your marketing efforts. Our custom speakers, are a smart investment all aroundbecause they’re such a popular product in general. People are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in technology, and Bluetooth portable speakers are on that list. Shop Myron and see the best small portable speakers out there. We’ll help you turn up your brand!

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