There are many marketing techniques available to help you promote your company and increase awareness of your brand; but promotional apparel has long been one of the most effective ways to get your name out into the world. Custom branded clothing has a huge impact on the visibility and reach of your advertising, with relatively little effort. First, decide whether you want branded clothing for your customers, for promotional purposes, or for yourself and your employees. Employees are usually delighted to receive high-quality, stylish clothing. If they find the clothes comfortable, they’ll often wear them outside working hours too. That’s two benefits in one—it boosts employee satisfaction and strengthens your business!

Build up your brand and your company with printed promotional apparel

Regardless of the industry, gifting promotional apparel to employees is always a great choice. And that doesn’t only mean protective clothing or uniforms. Our range includes corporate fashion items as well as workwear and safety clothing. We’ve also got rainwear, sportswear, hats and caps for every season. What’s more, you can even order smaller quantities and have them customized in different ways. We offer embroidery and screen printing for your products, so we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the right garment and finish, to ensure your branded items convey a positive image of your company.

Corporate fashion offers your company and your employees many advantages. To ensure your staff enjoys wearing promotional clothing, you should pay attention to the fit. In addition, the thickness and the material must be adapted to the weather conditions or season.

What are the benefits of corporate fashion items?

  • Value → People can quickly identify your employees. This makes things much easier when customers are looking for a team member to speak to.
  • Advertising → Why not put your company logo prominently on the front of the garment, and your website on the back? That way your employees will advertise your company wherever they go!
  • Team spirit → Corporate fashion items boost team spirit. Wearing the same clothing creates a feeling of unity and increases employees’ sense of belonging to the company.

Who should invest in branded apparel?

Small businesses

For small to mid-sized businesses, promotional apparel is a great form of inexpensive advertising. Happy customers and client recommendations are crucial to a smaller business. One way to encourage positive word of mouth is to thank current customers with branded apparel. You can also deck out your employees with high-quality promotional apparel so they represent your brand in the best possible way. Lots of startups and shops choose comfortable basics like t-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts with printed logos, but we also offer heavy-duty items in our range of work clothing. These provide greater functionality: lots of pockets, extremely durable Cordura material, a stain-resistant coating, reinforced seams, an extended back part, and resistance to washing at high temperatures. Different thickness options are available to suit different working environments or preferences. Whether your employees wear sweatshirts or polo shirts, make sure your logo is always visible. This will convey a professional image of your company and help customers remember your brand in a positive light.

Sales teams

For salespeople, first impressions are very important. If things don’t start well, there’s not much chance of making a sale. Equip your sales staff with high-quality, tastefully personalized clothing from ADLER to help drive customer acquisitions and sales. We can personalize your chosen items with each person’s name as well as the company logo.

Event Managers

Make sure that visitors remember your event and your event staff long after they go home. Thanks to personalized promotional apparel from MYRON, your employees will be able to represent your company with professionalism

T-shirts, Caps, and even Outerwear also work really well as event swag and are highly sought-after souvenirs. They can be sold as memorabilia at concerts and sporting events or given away as prizes or incentives.

HR staff and recruiters

Most HR staff and recruiters wear personalized branded clothing at job and career fairs. That way visitors can immediately see what company they belong to and know who to speak to. Popular choices include a high-quality embroidered shirt or blouse or, for a more casual look, a polo shirt. Of course, staff can also wear their branded clothing while conducting job interviews or other meetings to reinforce your brand image.


The American Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) regularly releases extensive market data as part of its “Advertising Specialty Impressions Study.” According to this study, the more useful a branded giveaway is on a day-to-day basis, the longer people will keep it. For this reason, all over the world, t-shirts have long been ranked as the best promotional item, closely followed by outerwear (jackets/fleeces) and caps. Here are some of the stats they found:

  • 58% of US consumers own printed t-shirts
  • Outerwear is one of the top 5 most influential products across all ages (18 to 55+)
  • 41% of US consumers own printed t-shirts
  • On average, people keep outerwear for 9 months, caps for 7 months, and t-shirts for 6 months
  • The average outerwear item offers 6100 impressions each
  • 70% of people kept their outerwear for over a year
  • ⅓ of men wear their promo hat on a weekly basis
  • Millennials report owning 5 promo t-shirts each
  • 63% of consumers keep their promo t-shirts for over a year and 47% of them even keep them for 2 years and longer
  • 80% of consumers own promotional t-shirts

What types of promotional apparel does MYRON offer?

At MYRON we have a wide range of promotional apparel for every occasion. This includes all kinds of clothing and accessories in different materials, thicknesses, and fits, to suit your specific needs. All of our customized promotional apparel can be ordered in small quantities.


T-shirts are one of the most widely used advertising materials. Because they are so versatile, they are a fantastic way of getting your brand in front of a wide audience of prospects. T-shirts offer large advertising space on the front and back, making the wearer a walking ad for your company. People choose our t-shirts for different reasons: for promotional purposes, as employee clothing, or to act as uniforms.

Polo shirts

If tees are too casual and shirts are too formal, the polo shirt is the answer! MYRON offers a wide selection of polo shirts in different styles, materials, and fits. We can customize your chosen polo shirts with high-quality embroidery or screen printing.


Promotional items like sweatshirts help advertise your business efficiently. Why not order some of our sweatshirts, hoodies, or zip-up jackets as leisure, sports, or work clothing? We offer small minimum order quantities and high quality at great prices.


Our jackets are one of our premium products. Compared to printed t-shirts, jackets are of course more expensive, but they’re also valued more by recipients, whether that’s employees or customers. Thanks to their high quality, our jackets are also used for leisure activities, which increases their value as an advertising medium.

Caps and hats

Caps and hats also make great promotional gifts for customers. Have your logo or slogan printed on a cap or hat to spread your advertising message far and wide – your recipient will literally be a walking ad!


Fashionable accessories are another popular form of promotional apparel. Whether it’s to complement workwear for you and your employees or as a small, fashionable gift for your customers, accessories printed or embroidered with your company logo are always a good investment.

What Imprinting Methods does MYRON use to customize branded apparel?

We are advertising experts! We will customize your promotional apparel with your company logo or message to increase brand awareness. Take a look at our options for finishing techniques and choose the right one for your company.


Looking for high-quality branded apparel? Then embroidery is a perfect choice, giving your chosen garments or accessories a high-quality look and feel. In contrast to screen printing, embroidery is especially suited to colored logos.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing process in which colored ink is applied to the fabric through a fine mesh screen, using a rubber blade. The mesh screen is customized with a template containing your chosen design – usually your company logo, name, and/or slogan. This printing technique is extremely complex. The finished garments offer good color fastness and durability. If your advertising design contains lots of different colors and you also only want to order a small quantity, we recommend screen printing.


We understand that the internet is at your fingertips and you could purchase your promotional apparel anywhere. Here’s why you should buy from us:


We appreciate our customers for trusting us with your customers and pledge to make the entire process as smooth as possible. We have a trained set of customer representatives who ensure they take your order and get you all the information you need. Our in-house designers can personalize your branded apparel quickly and professionally using a range of imprinting processes. Using our online design tool, simply upload and fine-tune your message or request assistance, and our artists will work with you to develop a logo that represents your voice and vision. We understand that time is of the essence and deliver the product in a timely manner. Furthermore, if you don’t see the product you are looking for, our custom sourcing desk will be happy to find it for you.


You get what you pay for is an old adage but at Myron, you get a whole lot more. While we don’t believe in compromising quality for a cheaper price, we still keep our customer’s budgets in mind. Our prices are fair and our minimums are low. We offer a loyalty program so that you can buy your products regularly and we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


As our QA Director says, Myron offers ‘high quality at every budget’. Our wide selection is equipped to meet a variety of needs at any price point, and every T-Shirt, Polo, Sweatshirt, and Cap is put through the same rigorous QA process so that you are never disappointed. With Myron, there is no risk. We believe in our products, our people, our resources and our customers completely. If you are unsatisfied with your garment purchase for any reason, we will replace it or give you a full refund.


At Myron, we pride ourselves on excellence and walk the line between classic favorites and emerging trends. Our products are carefully picked and researched and then offered to the customer. We have certain products that are unique to only us and have been designed especially for you. We know that certain gift items are sure-shot hits but always have our ear to the ground for new ways to be better. Our goal is to make your business visible and every day strive to innovate and achieve that for you.