• Successfully Using Promo Gifts

Using Promotional Products Successfully

At Myron "We’ve Got the Gift for Building Business®” and we want to be a partner in your company's success. That's why we've collected seven of the most common questions our customers have about creating and executing a successful marketing strategy with promotional products to serve as a guide for your own marketing efforts.

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1. How do I ensure that my promotional products have the maximum effect?

The first step is to identify and meet your campaign goals. Just like a politician during an election year, your marketing team needs to form a clear plan of attack. This includes ideas for target audiences, distribution methods and end-result surveys to determine return on investment. Our experienced representatives can help you define your target audience and goals to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

2. Which demographic should my business target?

The answer to this question is entirely up to the respective business. It is generally advisable to target a specific age or other brackets that will have an explicit need for your services. Randomly giving out promotional pens to a poorly researched audience will not be very effective in the long run.

3. How many items should I purchase?

This number varies greatly depending on what type of promotional products you are looking for and your available budget, but a safe figure would be at least 50 individual units. Unless you are a very small business that wants to thank its dozen clients, you should purchase more than the minimum required. A larger amount of executive gifts increases the chance that they will be re-distributed amongst fellow employees, family members and friends.

4. How can I make promotional products more affordable?

Buy in bulk, the more units you order the lower the per-unit price will be. This can directly increase the efficiency of every dollar spent on promotional advertising. We offer online tools to help you select a gift according to your budget and if you need to talk to someone, our service representatives are just a phone call away

6. What are good ways to distribute these products?

You have two main options: give promotional items out in person or send them to potential clients through the mail. The more cost-effective method is in-person, because there will be no shipping fees and you can also make a sales pitch to whoever is taking a corporate gift out of your hand. Mail still remains a great option that can generate leads for your business as long as you correctly identify your target audience.

7. Where should I set up promotional giveaways?

The answer to this question is directly related to your target audience. If you are trying to give out logo tote bags to college students, a good place to set up a booth would be at a university football event. If you are looking to reach other members of your industry, a commercial tradeshow is probably your best shot. You can also give away promotional pens to everyone who visits your business. Just keep in mind that your goal is increasing your visibility with existing and potential customers.

Promotional products can be one of the most successful ways to advocate a small business, and the answers to these common questions can be used as general guidelines for your marketing strategy.

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